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Antipodes Audio

Antipodes Audio

299 Rosetta Road, Raumati Beach, 5032, New Zealand


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Über uns Antipodes Audio - the world's finest sounding Music Servers and Audio Cables.
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Mission More emotion from your music.
Beschreibung www.antipodesaudio.com

Antipodes Audio is a specialist audio technology firm located in Raumati Beach, New Zealand, founded by Mark Jenkins. It began marketing audio cables worldwide in 2004, and began developing its high-end music servers in 2009.

Critical to all design work at Antipodes Audio is the focus on eliminating time-domain distortions. The unnatural time-domain distortions created by electronics, sometimes even very small ones, can confuse the brain, making it work harder to make sense of what it hears, and this gets in the way of our enjoyment of music.

Antipodes Audio cables are unique, manufacturing its own wire from silver and gold, and using only pure cotton insulation. By avoiding the high susceptibility of copper to pick up noise, and avoiding the signal smearing of plastics, Antipodes Audio can use wide open geometries that deliver the ultimate in transparency, detail and dynamics without aggression - allowing the music to express itself sweetly and freely.

Antipodes Audio music servers banish the glare, the poor bass foundation and the flat dimensionality audiophiles have come to expect with digital music. Exceeding the audio quality capabilities of the best CD transports, Antipodes music servers are also simple to manage and drive with auto-ripping, samba file sharing and remote control via tablet or smartphone.

Our Emphasis Is On The Process By Which Humans Enjoy Music. To learn more about this and the following areas:

~~ Understanding Human Emotions
~~ Music Is An Emotional Reward System
~~ How The Human Ear/Brain System Works
~~ How This Effects Our Approach To Design

... please visit www.antipodesaudio.com/about_antipodes_audio.html.

ANTIPODES AUDIO products won't blow your MIND, the MUSIC will.

Antipodes Audio Has A Unique Approach. To learn more about this and the following areas:

~~ Design Priorities
~~ Product Range
~~ Design Process
~~ Manufacturing Approach

... please visit www.antipodesaudio.com/about_antipodes_audio.html
Auszeichnungen Audio Reviews:

~~ 6 Moons - John Darko: DS Reference Music Server (February 2014)

"The DS Reference sets a new standard in digital audio transports by which all others will be judged. Game on!"


~~ Audiophilia - Anthony Kershaw: DS Reference Music Server (December 2013) Awarded Audiophilia Star Component Award

"Antipodes’ cables and servers have been reviewed by four Audiophilia writers, each with, let’s say, utterly different tastes in music and gear. We don’t shill. We don’t lie, especially to each other. And each Antipodes component reviewed has received an Audiophilia Star Component Award. That has not happened to one company in the seventeen year history of Audiophilia."


~~ Audiophilia - Andy Fawcett: Reference ICs & SCs (October 2013) Awarded Audiophilia Star Component Award

"One thing I do know – when the final shortlist is compiled of cables that are sufficiently ambitious, innovative and inspired to genuinely be the finest in the world, the Antipodes References must be on it. You really will never know what your system might be capable of, and how much more pleasure it could give you, until you try ‘em!"


To learn more about awards and product reviews: www.antipodesaudio.com/antipodes_audio_reviews.html
Gegründet Mark Jenkins
Produkt Music Servers: www.antipodesaudio.com/antipodes_music_servers.html
Audio Cables: www.antipodesaudio.com/antipodes_audio_cables.html
  • 299 Rosetta Road, Raumati Beach, 5032, New Zealand
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