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CBS Public-Private

CBS Public-Private

Kilevej 14A, 4.sal, Frederiksberg, 2000, Denmark


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Über uns CBS Public-Private Platform researches, teaches and engages in the public debate about the shifting relations between the public and private sector.
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Mission The Public-Private Platform will open up a serious society-wide discussion about changing public/private relations, their possibilities and their pitfalls. A key feature of this engagement takes place through the platform’s ‘Collaboratory’. Here , a host of key stakeholders – business leaders, politicians, managers, intellectuals and citizens – will come together to exchange views and discuss approaches to specific problems with the aim of initiating collaborative research programmes and discreet projects to explore novel solutions to these issues. The Public-Private Platform aims to act as a requisite knowledge centre operating at a number of levels, in relation to questions of economy, law, politics and organization, for example. In order to achieve its core task, the Public-Private Platform will seek to draw upon and mobilize the full range of available expertise across the whole of CBS.
Beschreibung Many pressing matters of public concern - political, economic, social and cultural - are no longer seen as amenable to being solved in terms of a traditional divide between public and private sectors and actors: whether we focus attention on the environmental and financial crises, healthcare, educational modernization, or the efficient, effective and equitable delivery of ‘core’ public services, these issues are increasingly seen as simply too complex to be solved by single agencies, whether public or private. One of the big themes in contemporary policy debates is the need to find novel solutions to these problems that mobilizes the capacities of all sectors and actors - public, private, third, individual and collective - without making assumptions in advance about who or what agents or organizations are best placed to achieve what goals or tasks. A core goal of the Public-Private Platform is to assist in this endeavor through its unique combination of interdisciplinary research, teaching and public engagement activities.

Denmark is often seen internationally as something of a laboratory for the development and ‘testing’ of novel ‘hybrid’ agencies – neither exclusively public or private – as part of ongoing attempts to engage with and solve these so-called ‘wicked problems’. The Public-Private Platform aims to become the requisite knowledge centre in Denmark for the analysis of private-private relations.

The CBS BiS Public-Private Platform is led by two Academic Directors: Professor Paul du Gay and Professor Carsten Greve.
They are aided by a secretariat, and the Project Manager is Mette Lisby.
The Academic Directors report to the CBS Senior Management Group
The platform has an Advisory Board consisting of international researchers in cognate fields and representatives from the public, private and ‘third’ sectors.

The Academic Directors co-ordinate a ranch of research projects and activities across CBS that focus on key aspects of the platform’s work.

Gegründet 10/01/2011
  • Kilevej 14A, 4.sal, Frederiksberg, 2000, Denmark
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