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Chakma Raj

Chakma Raj

Rajbari Office, Rajbari Road, Rangamati, 4500, Bangladesh



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Über uns Royal Chakma Kingdom - Greater Chittagong Hill Tracts Region
Mission Unity of Chakma Community
Beschreibung The Chakma civilization is a thousand years old historically and another thousand years old through legends and myths. Raja Sakya was the legendary King who united all the clan chiefs under a singular Ganarajya (Republic). He lived at the "eastern foothills of the Himalayas" according to legend.

Champaknagar is considered the legendary ancient capital of the Chakma Royal Kingdom where Raja Champakali established a new Kingdom. Speculations, and theories point in multiple directions with possible sites being in Myanmar, India and Bangladesh.

Raja Bijoygiri was a semi-legendary who famously crossed the "Tewa" River with 26,000 troops led by the legendary Commander-in-Chief of the Chakma Royal Army General (Senapati) Radhamon Khisa, conquering Teknaf, Indang Hills and Krindang Hills in the process.

The Chakma Royal Kingdom has fought several wars against the ancient Arakanese/Rakhine Kingdoms for a span of over a thousand years and in 1550 a map of Portuguese explorer Joao de Barros shows "Chacomas" clearly on the eastern bank of the Karnafuli River.

Chakma Royal Kingdom had wars with the Mughal Subahdar of Chittagong in the 17th century though peace was established in 1713 with Raja Fateh Khan.

The Chakma Royal Army also fought several wars against the British East India Company and His Majesty Chakma Raja Jan Baksh Khan signed a Peace Treaty with British Governor General Lord Cornwallis in Calcutta in 1787 recognizing the sovereignty of the Chakma Royal Kingdom in exchange for a yearly tribute of 500 maunds of cotton.

In 1860 the British Government annexed the Chakma Royal Kingdom though the region's special status was documented in the "Chittagong Hill Tracts Regulation 1900" law passed by the UK Parliament.

1947 came and the British left, but the non-Muslim Chittagong Hill Tracts district (comprising the Chakma Royal Kingdom and others) was arbitrarily awarded to Pakistan.

From 1956-1964 the Kaptai Hydroelectric Project blocked the currents of the Karnafuli
Gegründet Chakma Kingdom - ca. 590 AD

Chakma Circle - 1860 AD
  • Rajbari Office, Rajbari Road, Rangamati, 4500, Bangladesh
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