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MyBodyIsYourBodyIsEverybodyIsNobody: Consent,Intent,&Boundaries

Organisator der Veranstaltung FLASK LOUNGE


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Join me at FLASK LOUNGE for a special performance series focusing on physical interaction and nuances of human touch.

My Body is Your Body is Everybody is Nobody: Consent, Intent, & Boundaries is a series of live interactive performances occurring on successive weeks. Audience members will be provided charcoal or gold dust to mark the performer with. Each week will feature a unique style of touch. The audience will be given the dictionary definition of the action and will then be guided through possible variations and intent.

**A note on consent: I consent to these interactions but reserve the autonomy to halt any interaction that I find unsafe.**

April 17th Week 1: The Caress
V: to stroke, touch, fondle, brush, pet, nuzzle

Intent (speed & duration)
Loving, gentle, parental, subjugating, objectifying, dominating,
tickling, reassuring

April 24th Week 2: The Squeeze
V: to crush or press, to apply pressure, to thrust forcibly, to
enclose, to merge or come together

Intent (duration, pressure, & location)
Clasping, clutching, embracing, forcing, holding, hugging,
pressing, choking, compressing, jostling, nipping, pinching,

May 1st Week 3: The Slap
V: to strike, hit, thump, spank, whack, thwack, wallop, pat, pet,

Intent (speed, pressure, velocity & location)
Playing, flirting, protecting, punishing, admonishing, arousing

May 8th Week 4: The Kiss
V: touching or pressing one’s lips against another person or

Intent (duration, pressure, repetition, & location)
Loving, passionate, sexual attraction, affection, respect,
greeting, comforting, healing, nurturing, subjugating,

Artist Statement
My work investigates the power and influence of human touch through performance, video, social media, and instruction based art. This work is created under the thesis My Body is Your Body is Everybody is Nobody. By researching and adapting sensate focused exercises, I create space to examine the politics and nuances of touch.
Live performances focus on audience interaction through guided instructions, both text and audio based. These performances can be open ended or instruct the audience to touch me in specific way ie: kissing, slapping, caressing, poking, etc.
Touch is an ephemeral, visceral sense that usually leaves no visible evidence. My work employs the use of charcoal, chalk, and paint pigments, empowering the audience to touch me and see the impact of their interaction on my skin. It becomes a silent conversation full of implications of trust, connection, power, and sexuality.
Touch work tests the boundaries of consent and comfort. Performances are fraught with power dynamics. Our society markets bodies as a commodities to be protected, policed, covered, and used. The My Body is Your Body is Everybody is Nobody thesis is a radical act of rebellion where I maintain agency while offering a platform to explore physical touch.

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