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D&D Adventurers League at Salt Lake Gaming Con



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Ready your swords, spells and more.
With Mount Ogden Gaming Company and Under the Wing Gaming we are bringing the great folks of Salt Lake Gaming Con the largest gathering of adventurers the state has seen. We have two great keystone events for this convention

The first is a multiple table challenge in the Return to the Ghost Tower of Inverness. Which premiered this year at Garycon.

This is a familiar scene. Shackled. Bound. The same faces surround you as the last time you were in this dark, dank cell. Your friends, your party members. You've been told that your actions have led to death and destruction near and far, but you were only doing what was demanded of you from those who hold you captive again now. A looming figure goes over your crimes and holds out a glowing gemstone, offering a trade for your lives. "You must undo what you have done and put this back," he whispers. "You must return to the Ghost Tower."

Note that this is a competitive Epic event. Pregenerated characters will be provided, but Adventurer's League Rewards will still be available!

The second is a charity epic, benefiting the newly formed Utah Fandom Organization, and Extra Life.

DDEP01-01 Corruption in Kryptgarden ($5.00 entry)

Kryptgarden Forest has long been a place feared by travelers. Now, the Cult of the Dragon has used that fear to its advantage, securing a stronghold deep in the forest. The Harpers, Order of the Gauntlet, Emerald Enclave, Lords’ Alliance, and the Zhentarim are recruiting groups of adventurers to infiltrate the forest to find out the cult’s purpose.

Multiple tier 1 tables will be fighting to free the swamp. Pregenerated characters are available, but this adventure is open to all tier 1 (Level 1-4) characters. - as part of the charity event, there will be some prizes and during the game you can reroll any one dice for $1.00

all money from this even will go to the charities listed. In the event one or the other is invalidated, the money will go entirely tot he other charity. In the event both are invalidated, the money will go to the Utah Food Bank

Ort der Durchführung der Veranstaltung

Mountain America Expo Center