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Eat To Beat

Eat To Beat

1 Broadway, Cambridge (MA), 02142, United States


(617) 401-2771

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Über uns Improving health with cancer-fighting foods: Explore our complete database by visiting our website at www.eattobeat.org
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Mission The goal of the Eat to Beat initiative is to identify the most potent anti-angiogenesis food, based on the best available research, and to disseminate this knowledge to people around the world.
Beschreibung More than 1-in-3 people will have cancer in their lifetime. Even more eye opening is that tiny, microscopic cancers are developing in our bodies all the time, even before we are old. It is whether blood vessels near these dormant tumors are held in check or instead grow that determines if the cancer will expand and spread. Angiogenesis is the name of the natural process that blood vessels grow in the body.

How important are these vessels? The healthy body maintains its blood vessels in a continuous state of balance. Cancer develops into a disease when abnormal cells overcome this balanced state and new blood vessels grow to feed cancers. But these blood vessels are also cancer's Achilles Heel. Cutting off a tumor’s blood supply starves it of oxygen and nutrients.

Forty years of research has now resulted in modern drugs that effectively combat cancer through anti-angiogenesis. These drugs effectively starve growing cancers in a way totally different from toxic chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. Novel drugs based on this unique approach have been successfully tested in thousands of patients, been approved by the FDA and other drug agencies throughout the world and have helped increase the survival and quality of life of people living with cancer. The anti-angiogenesis approach has been proven to be an effective in fighting cancers.

Targeting angiogenesis also provides an opportunity to prevent cancer. Certain foods contain natural molecules that can suppress abnormally growing blood vessels. What separates Eat to Beat is its focus on what you should add to your diet, rather than what to eliminate.
Auszeichnungen The project is funded by the Clinton Global Initiative
Gegründet 1994
  • 1 Broadway, Cambridge (MA), 02142, United States
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