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Hammer Nutrition Vietnam

Hammer Nutrition Vietnam

231 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ho Chi Minh City, 7000, Vietnam


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Über uns HAMMER NUTRITION cung cấp thực phẩm/thức uống thể thao cho các VĐV.
Gel Năng Lượng | Thức Uống Thể Thaoo | Viên muối, Điện Giải chống chuột rút | Sữa Phục hồi cơ bắp
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Mission Điểm khác biệt từ HAMMER
Ở Hammer Nutrition, mục tiêu của chúng tôi chính là giúp bạn đạt được đỉnh cao trong sức khỏe và thể thao bằng cách tiếp nhiên liệu và dinh dưỡng tổng thể. Chúng tôi luôn ủng hộ sản phẩm của mình và các VĐV bằng thông tin thực tế và dịch vụ chăm sóc khách hàng tốt nhất.

At Hammer it is our goal to help people attain the highest degree of health and performance using a holistic approach to nutrition and fueling. We support our products and the athletes who use them with honest information and the best customer care.

Corner Apartment where Hammer Started


When we introduced our first product in August 1987, the sport of triathlon was the latest fitness craze. Time-crunched "yuppies" and fitness-focused "baby boomers" were jumping in wholeheartedly, training three times as much as single sport athletes were training.

The unpleasant side effects of this high-volume endurance training included fatigue, recovery, depleted energy levels, anemia, impaired immune function, and other maladies. Since I had been using antioxidants and micronutrients for years to increase my own energy and endurance and to effectively combat my exercise-induced fatigue and recovery issues, I knew very well what these athletes were dealing with and how to help them.

Bear in mind, the damaging effects of free radical activity in the body and the role that antioxidants play in neutralizing and repairing that damage was not common knowledge at that time. There were no nutritional supplements specifically formulated with high levels of antioxidants and micronutrients to counter the stresses of high-volume endurance training.

In addition, most athletes were adhering to misguided diets that featured massive amounts of carbs, minimal protein, and close to zero fat. Fueling options during exercise were limited and primitive, with many athletes favoring bananas and water to the brightly colored, sugar/salt/citric acid drink mixes of the day.

The prevailing wisdom on fueling for endurance was the most problematic of all. Experts of the day all recommended (and the magazines dutifully reported) the flawed theory of "replace what you lose" for fluids, calories and electrolytes. Athletes were trying to stuff 500-800 calories per hour down their throats while consuming massive amounts of water. Of course, following those practices did not (and still does not) end well for most athletes.

These truly were the dark ages of endurance sports from a fueling and supplement perspective. Part
Produkt - Hammer Gel | Rapid energy, no sugar crash!
- Recoverite | Recover right today, Hammer tomorrow!
- HEED | Steady energy, no tooth decay
- Endurolyes Extreme | Supreme support for the toughest conditions
- Endurolytes | Electrolyte replenishment done right
- Endurolytes Fizz | A refreshing way to replenish electrolytes

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  • 231 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ho Chi Minh City, 7000, Vietnam
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