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Interdisciplinary Design Collaborative LLC

Interdisciplinary Design Collaborative LLC

1112 N Olive St, Rolla (MO), 63101, United States


(888) 221-2791

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Über uns We specialize in making mobile ads more relevant. Check out our outstanding platform, and get in touch with us!
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Mission To provide students in a collegiate environment with the opportunity to obtain field-appropriate experience while developing innovative technologies and products.
Beschreibung Lumate’s goal is to improve the customers mobile ad experience by only showing ads that are relevant and actually useful to the user while simultaneously creating a platform that enables local business to reach their users .

Fundamentally, we understand that mobile is not the web and things like cookies do not work in the mobile app space. Lumate uses location, direct user feedback, a variety of technical capabilities and partnerships to power our platform while creating context around advertising. This platform is flexible allowing business to only display ads in as small of an area as their building all the way up to a global campaign.

Lumate, founded in 2008, is an Arch Grants, Capital Innovators and Missouri Technology Corporations recipient that is based in downtown St Louis. The company was formally named IDC Projects and started at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.
Auszeichnungen University of Missouri Student Entrepreneurs of the Year 2010
Missouri Senate Resolution 1432
Missouri House Resolution 235
Gegründet 2008
Produkt AdTrade™
AdTrade™ is the in-house proprietary bidding engine that powers the filtering capabilities of Lumate. It is fueled by DataWell™ and steered by AdMotive™.
AdTrade™ adds context to the mobile advertising space. Cookies have done this for web advertising for years, but mobile advertising is unable to benefit from the same technique. Therefore, in a mobile space void of cookies and overrun with aimless advertising, AdTrade™ implements our proven, innovative methods to effectively optimize each ad’s placement. To do this, AdTrade™ adds numerous types of data to each of the millions of ad impressions it serves daily and only serves ads to contextually relevant end users. This optimal ad placement capability provides the ad provider, and end user, with a more profitable and satisfying advertising experience.

AdMotive™ is Lumate’s self-service portal with customizable filtering capabilities. It steers the ad placement efforts of AdTrade™.
From niche to global, the filtering capabilities of AdMotive™ can customize reach to fulfill the demands of any ad campaign. AdMotive™ also collects and organizes extensive statistics of each campaign, allowing for educated analysis and adjustment of targeting efforts.

DataWell™ is an API and SDK for publishers and data providers wishing to monetize their actionable data regarding audience segments. DataWell™ supplies AdTrade™ information to help optimize ad placement.
The unique information DataWell™ supplies AdTrade™ is what gives us our competitive advantage in the mobile market. To maintain this edge, DataWell™ offers a unique approach to the traditional data exchange by working with many different types of data providers. Data sources include in-app survey contributors, GIS platforms, and the vast amount of traffic we analyze daily. All data we obtain is anonymized and evaluated by AdTrade™ to determine contextual relevancy and deliver ads to the appropriate device at the op
  • 1112 N Olive St, Rolla (MO), 63101, United States
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