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Lucky Beef Jerky

Lucky Beef Jerky

73940 J Rd, Holdrege (NE), 68949, United States


(308) 876-2250

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Über uns Premium All Natural Angus Beef Jerky

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Lucky Beef Jerky cover
Mission Deliver Premium Quality, All Natural Angus products at a fair price.
Beschreibung A new jerky experience

Lucky All Natural Angus Jerky is a fresh version of a popular meat snack. Most people like beef jerky, but many think jerky is jerky. What most people don’t know is that most commodity beef jerky comes from other countries and is made of meat that’s not really fit for anything but drying out. Lucky Beef Jerky is different. Lucky jerky is made from big cuts premium Angus beef that is grown right here in the heartland, and provides a very satisfying jerky experience.

Where Our Jerky Comes From:

We maintain close relationships with our rancher partners to ensure that cattle in our program have never received antibiotics, growth hormones or any other type of chemical/medical treatments – in fact they sign an affidavit to this effect and we monitor the incoming cattle with random testing. We give our cattle more room in the pen; 50% more room than your average feeding operation which helps them stay healthy naturally. Factory farms try to overcome overcrowding with the use of prophylactic antibiotics and use growth hormones to increase growth rate and reduce days on feed. We’ve known for generations that taking good care of animals means a better product, so we give them space and time to grow naturally. We employ – and have for years – animal centered husbandry techniques that ensure our cattle are the best they can be, and started it long before our competitors jumped on the bandwagon because it made them feel better about using beef as a food source.

What Goes Into Our Jerky:

We feed our cattle a 100% natural, vegetarian diet - a nutritious blend of the whole corn PLANT and steam flaked kernels that are easy for cattle to digest – the way their system is designed to digest. We can’t say exactly what goes into cattle fed in other countries…or what ultimately ends up in a jerky bag – and your mouth. We use an all-natural spice blend in our jerky, without refined nitrites, we use nitrates that naturally occur in beets and celery to cure our
Gegründet 2011
Produkt LUCKY Premium Angus Jerky - Slab & Stick Style
  • 73940 J Rd, Holdrege (NE), 68949, United States
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