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Pearl River (NY), 10965, United States


(877) 287-1199

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Mission Autoclave Testing Service, Inc. stands behind our customers 100%. As our laboratory testing is national, the lab is open from 6:30AM to 6:30PM every day, opened late to be available for our valuable west coast customers in the Pacific time zone. ATS, Inc. assistance is available especially when a customer is in a bind such as needing test report documents sent to their health department, or a test sent overnight to have results expressed, allowing them to open their doors.

Autoclave Testing Service, Inc. is testing thousands of clients daily with 3rd party biological spore testing (Mail-In Testing). The test reports provide documentation verifying that your sterilizer is in fact sterilizing. This method of testing is mandated in 39 states (for some industries).

We strive to have 100% customer satisfaction – GUARANTEED! If a test is lost or misplaced, we will immediately respond by sending a replacement. Test results can be sent via fax or email if requested. If your facility urgently needs a spore test or spore test result, we can even open our laboratory on the weekend to accommodate you.

We will go out-of-our-way to help a customer with any problem that may arise during an annual subscription. If a positive test result occurs, our technical support staff will assist in following the proper procedures. If further help is needed, we have reputable sterilizer repair companies (some that may be in your area) that can also assist you over the phone (free of charge). Free retests are available once a sterilizer has been repaired, to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

Our auto-ship method of spore testing (see Standard Programs) helps enable a busy facility to test on schedule. This has saved many customers from being fined by a state health department inspector or from an inspection from an insurance company or accreditation company.

If you are using our economy programs, you will receive timely telephone calls to remind you that you are not te
Beschreibung We have provided spore testing to thousands of satisfied clients since 1986. Our customer base includes dental, medical, hospitals, clinics, outpatient surgery centers, veterinary practices, tattoo & body piercing facilities, food and pharmaceutical industries, government facilities and more.

Professional Staff…
Our infection control specialists are trained to have answers to all of your questions regarding sterilization, regulations, 3rd party spore testing, in-office spore testing, sterility assurance products such as integrators, and much more. Your privacy is very important to us: In the event of a positive test result, we will speak directly with the contact person in your facility that’s responsible for the office sterilizer. We will not discuss results with a health department, or other health care agencies without your consent.

Customer Service, Beyond What is Normally Anticipated...
We have a very dedicated and experienced staff offering the most professional, courteous response to every inquiry. At ATS, our staff has one goal: 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

AS AN EXAMPLE: One customer very anxiously called on a Friday afternoon and wanted a test result by Monday to be faxed to his State’s Health Department. They had threatened to close his office down for not having his spore test completed on time. He sent his spore test overnight to our lab with a Saturday delivery. We opened the lab and processed the test and were then able to fax his completed test result to his Health Department on Monday AM, allowing the customer to remain open for his clients - all at NO ADDITIONAL COST to the customer! This type of customer service is our specialty.

We Are Unique In Our Field...
Unlike other spore testing companies, we provide a method of testing that enables your office to receive a fresh test each week, month, quarter, etc. This provides a timely reminder for customers to test their sterilizer, allowing them to keep testing on schedule. This is
Gegründet Autoclave Testing Service, Inc. has provided sterility assurance products and services since 1986!
Produkt ATS, Inc. offers 11 programs for testing your sterilizer using biological spore testing. We offer the widest variety of program choices in the industry. After serving thousands of clients nationwide since we started in 1986, we realized the need for such a diversity of testing programs. We will also customize a program to fit your needs (for example: 6-month testing for seasonal businesses, or test results sent to a different address, emailed or faxed, or whatever your unique needs are – ATS will accommodate you!).

NOTE: If you find a cheaper service, we will honor their price, allowing you to still benefit with using our enhanced sterilizer spore testing programs. Besides unsurpassed service and over two decades of experience, you can also SAVE MONEY with choosing Autoclave Testing Service, Inc.

Standard Program: (See Standard Program)

The Standard Program testing is our most comprehensive program and also the most popular. This program offers a fresh spore test sent to your office each week, month, quarter, etc. as a timely reminder. This method of sterilizer testing is far superior to the test kits that are sent in bulk which are cheaper, but are often left in some corner “out-of-sight, out-of-mind”. Testing in a timely manner will avoid fines from your local health department (depending on the type of industry). Your original, personally signed test report is mailed upon completion. See complete list of features which include Return Postage and Self-Addressed Forms and Envelopes by clicking onto “Standard Program” above. To review and compare all program choices side-by-side, see our Services page.

Economy-Plus Testing Program: (See Economy-Plus Program)

The Economy-Plus Programs offer pre-dated tests and self-addressed forms with return postage prepaid. The test kit box is sent annually. The pre-dated tests help to keep you on schedule and if you do fall behind in testing, you will receive a phone call from our customer service staff to
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