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Rushey Green Time Bank

Rushey Green Time Bank

c/O Rushey Green Group Practice, Hawstead Road, Catford, SE6 4JH, United Kingdom


+44 20 7138 1785

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Über uns The people, work and activities of Rushey Green Time Bank.
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Mission is to achieve a cohesive community in the Rushey Green area, where neighbours know neighbours and can rely on each other for help and support. Where people of dierent ages, cultures, backgrounds and abilities interact with each other on an equal footing and with mutual respect and understanding.
The vision is growing and the time bank is expanding its work withinLewisham.
Beschreibung Time banks are communities where everyone is
welcome and has something of value they can offer, and everyone is both a giver and a receiver of help. It works by facilitating the exchange of skills and knowledge within a community, building the ‘core economy’ of family and community by valuing and rewarding the work done in it. Time banking values
everyone’s time as equal, 1 hour equals 1 hour, or 1 credit. For every hour you spend helping someone in your community, you are entitled to an hour of help in return. All manner of skills are recognized, from walking with someone to baking a cake.
Auszeichnungen August 2013 - Laives, Italy: Lasecondaluna European Award for Lifelong Passions: ‘Menzione speciale alla Passione per la normalità’

June 2011 - Team London Award for ‘Outstanding contribution for improving London and the quality of life for London’

July 2009 - The Founders Award - 'Honouring Rushey Green Time Bank and Primary Care Centre. Pioneers to enlisting the community to co-produce health and wellbeing'

February 2009 - City of London Sustainable City Award for ' Access to goods and services for disadvantaged communities'

July 2008 - London Health Commission Awards 2008 Community action for health
‘Outstanding partnership achievement with the NHS – activities that bring communities together to work with NHS staff to improve health and wellbeing’

Dec 2007 - South London Press & Barclays Bank - 'Let's do it'
Gegründet 2000
  • c/O Rushey Green Group Practice, Hawstead Road, Catford, SE6 4JH, United Kingdom
  • Anfahrt

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