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Shadow Warrior Bujinkan

Shadow Warrior Bujinkan

4487 Cheshire Station Plz, Woodbridge (VA), 22193, United States


(503) 515-5229

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Über uns Welcome to the art of Bujinkan Budo, more commonly known as ninjutsu. Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is derived from nine different traditions and incorporates striking, grappling, weapons use, attack/escape/reversal methods and more.
Beschreibung Real martial arts for real people - You don't need to have any previous martial arts training or be some kind of super athlete to benefit from this training, all you need is to be is reasonably centered, willing to learn and most importantly, have a positive attitude. Because these are battlefield skills, strength and power usually take a back seat to distance, timing and redirection of energies. We compete only with ourselves and should dedicate our time to helping others advance as well.

Class Description:
This class will cover a wide variety of techniques, both martial and personal, and will ultimately offer students a chance to become more aware of their surroundings and of themselves. The techniques do more than just teach effective self-defense, they teach effective everyday living. All students are different, so emphasis is put on individual progression rather than group.
At first, the student is introduced to the various kamae (stances or situational flowing positions) and basic ukemi (receiving arts) in order to get a feel for how we move. At this level, the ukemi is comprised mostly of basic forward, backward, sideways rolls and breakfalls. Punching and kicking will also be introduced. As
the student becomes more comfortable, throws, joint attacks and locks, pressure points as well as chokes and holds will gradually be incorporated into the training schedule. The student will also become familiar with various “tools” such as knife, and sword. To start off with, you will need a gi (training uniform) and some basic wooden training tools. Later, other resource books and tools may be required.
(Please note that all “weapons” will be referred to as tools. Tools are used to benefit the user, weapons are destructive and counter to our philosophy as growing individuals who protect others rather than diminish them in kind.)
When: Fridays at 8pm and Sundays at 6:30pm.
Where: Powerhouse Gym in Woodbridge, VA.
Price: $50/month. $5 guest fee for those w
  • 4487 Cheshire Station Plz, Woodbridge (VA), 22193, United States
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