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Jl Tirta Tawar, Ubud, 80571, Indonesia


+64 0224 281 008

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Über uns SoulYogaDance represents a dynamic new modality of holistic healing through the sacred arts of YogaDance, Breathwork, Shamanic Healing & Energy work.
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Mission WHAT IS:
& SoulYogaHealing

There are three levels of practise for the purpose of gradual development, but those who have been on the path of Yoga, Dance, Meditation or Healing will immediately appreciate and enjoy the whole system which i call SoulYogaDance...

Generally the workshops start with the gentler floor work of SOUL YOGA merging into SoulYogaDance practise in the later stage of class.

SOUL YOGA DANCE is a free flowing form of stretch, yoga & dance movements, with meditation and sacred sound. It deepens our spiritual as well as physical experience and reconnects us with our truest nature. The practise is done to inspiring sacred, divine and sometimes earthy, sensual music, always uplifting and assisting us to surrender and deepen into the zone, allowing the healing spirit to come through and dance us into bliss...

By gradually letting go of mind we begin to trust our connection to Source, to Spirit, and to our own innate body wisdom. When we truly let go into this space, authentic movement begins and profound insight and healing may occur.

When all self judgement ceases, then spirit is heard. Your soul directs the dance and you will simply channel the exact movement or dance your body needs to experience openness, healing and freedom... of body mind & emotions!

Some may feel this as ‘The Spirit of Dance’ dancing through them. Or dancing them! You become a channel for HEALING energy which pours through you, unblocking negative, stressful, outmoded energy patterns in both the physical body and subtle bodies.

SOUL YOGA HEALING focuses on Shamanic Healing & Advanced Breathwork journeying practises for students ready to dive into deep shamanic states for healing of their own physical / ENERGY body.

This may include not only releases of physical ailments (sore muscles, tight joints etc), but offers complete realignment of emotional and psychic blockages. We introduce the art of removing unwanted entities from the ene
Beschreibung SoulYogaDance represents a dynamic new modality of holistic healing through the sacred arts of Yoga, Dance, Movement, Shamanic type Breathwork, Energetic Healing & Moving Meditation.

SoulYogaDance is practised to inspiring music and often merged with sacred sound, chanting & singing via special guest appearances within the workshops.

Through creating sacred space and diving into the stillest place within we bring forth the divine healing dance, surrendering deeply to our innate body wisdom and natural healing abilities. We allow our soul to direct the dance journey, discovering we are truly the master of our own physical, mental & spiritual states. Deep automatic healing on all levels begins. The flow leading us to our true freedom. Freedom of Body Mind and Soul...

Its a fantastic ride. A deeply heart opening, empowering experience...
I so look forward to sharing this journey with you... Taryn
Gegründet 2010
Produkt WORKSHOPS 2014 /2015

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Taryn is currently leading workshops in Byron Bay, Brisbane and Melbourne - Australia, Bali, Europe (Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden ) and New Zealand.

BALI 2013/14 - Ubud
Several week long luxury (yet affordable) 'Journeying to Heart & Soul Retreats' - March, May, July, Aug & Oct in 2013. (See website or FB pages for full details).

UBUD Weekly ~Sacred Womens Circle~ for most of 2013- see invite on this SoulYogaDance FB page.

SPAIN 1-6th June 2014 - Week long Retreat
See FB page for info... ~Journeying to Heart & Soul - SPAIN~

Byron Bay - June & OCT & Melbourne - NOV
Taryn will be leading several workshops, half day events exploring SoulYogaDance & Shamana Breathwork.

Wiaheke Island, Auckland and Bay Of Islands, Northland
Taryn will be leading half day workshops exploring SoulYogaDance & Shamana Breathwork.

2014 - SoulYogaDance & Shamana Breathwork is coming to Bali, Singapore, Australia, NZ, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Prague, India... stay tuned.


What might happen in class...

All classes are taught to beautifully inspiring & uplifting sacred music and chants, assisting and allowing us into deeper states of awareness. Acute awareness of the moment, then turning inwards and tuning into our body and its current state / needs.

Taryn will gently guide you deeper into your inner wisdom and subtle state of being where you are able to FEEL and move in ways that allow our body to open up, receive energy and heal naturally.

You will
  • Jl Tirta Tawar, Ubud, 80571, Indonesia
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