Спектакли-невидимки/The invisible shows

Спектакли-невидимки/The invisible shows

Moscow, Russia

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"The invisible shows" is the theatre that can't be seen, it only can be heard, felt and imagined.

Спектакли-невидимки/The invisible shows cover
Mission Наш географический ориентир - 122 школы-интерната по всей России
Наша творческая цель - развитие направления, которое мы называем "невидимым театром"
Наша миссия -

The invisible shows are
- Performances that can not be seen in a usual way. They can be heard, felt, touched and imagined
- the shows that make the audience participate without getting up from their chairs
- 5D perfomances, in which are used not only audio and kinesthetic but also olfactory effects
- the shows, that may be played in any space, that’s why we can bring our theatre to any place of the world, that needs us
- invisible theatre workshops, that help blind people to try themselves as actors

Founded January 2013
Products - Спектакль-невидимка "Вольке" по сказке К.Вельш
- Спектакль-невидимка "Чучело" по одноименной повести В.Железникова
- Невидимый спектакль "Рождественская история" по рассказу Ч.Диккенса
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