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40K Chronicles

40K Chronicles

Roseville (MN), 55113, United States

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About Bringin' friendly, narrative games to decide the fate of the galaxy to a cold, northern state near you.
40K Chronicles cover
Mission 40K Chronicles is a Warhammer 40K 2 Day Narrative event that is designed to provide players with fun, engaging games with their opponents throughout the weekend. This is accomplished by use of beautiful and diverse gaming tables, requiring friendly, narrative lists, and providing unique and story driven scenarios for your games. We will strive to ensure you feel like you're shaping the future of the 41st Millennium!
On the day Cadia fell, the Imperium of Man was cleft in twain. No greater blow had been dealt to the stability of the God-Emperor’s Imperium since the Heresy of one-hundred centuries past. The Cicatrix Maledictum, the Chaos Scar, tore its way across the face of the galaxy, from the Eye of Terror in the galactic northwest to the Hadex Anomaly in the Jericho Reach on the Eastern Fringe. The fabric of reality had split at the seams and Chaos poured forth.

For millennia, the mysterious pylons of the Cadian Gate had held the Eye of Terror at bay. With their destruction, the fel energies of the Warp boiled forth into real-space, swallowing whole systems and sectors in their wake. Yet, none truly know how the Cadian pylons contained the malignant power of the Eye. These cyclopean monuments of ancient construction had stood since before the earliest days of sentient life on Holy Terra. Who built them? What connection do they have to the Warp? Are mere mortals capable of creating their like in these perilous times? Xenoarchaeologists of the Adeptus Mechanicus, learned savants of the Ordo Xenos, and the Librarians of the Deathwatch had all spent a hundred lifetimes studying and examining the mysterious structures, but no answers were revealed to them.

Yet, the Eye of Terror is only one end of the Cicatrix Maledictum, and any beings capable of creating the pylons must surely have known of the the second eye, the terminus of the Great Warp Rift. Such beings must have known of the Hadex Anomaly and contained its own terrible power with the same devices as they did the Eye. Inquisitor Sabastane Raukov has discovered evidence of this truth deep beneath the surface of Vanity. This dead world is now only a haunted wasteland of once-glorious hive cities and radioactive fallout, surrounded on all sides by the ravages of the Great Rift, yet the barren rock seems somehow untouched by the Warp-spawned horrors that rip and tear at the galaxy around it. Could more p
Awards "Nerd Event of the Year 2018" -Forbes

"Best Tables I've Ever Seen" -Barack Obama

Voted "Most Likely to Fight You in a Chilis Parking Lot" awarded to all of the TOs individually -People's Choice Awards 2017
Founded 2018

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