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Unit.1, 36 Alexander Rd, 3610
About Aero Truck
Unit.1, 36 Alexander Rd
Westmead, Durban
South Africa
Truck Aerodynamics, Truck Bullbars, Truck Accessories
Aero Truck are the leading manufactures of Truck Aerodynamics and Truck Bullbars in South Africa. Aero Truck also manufacture a range of fuel saving truck accessories which include the following: Aero Kits, Windscreen Stone guards, Sleeper Cab Extensions, Wind Deflectors, Diesel Locking Caps, Headlight Protectors, Sleeper Cab-Overs, Seat Cover Protection, Spot Lights andUnderrun-Side Protection Bars.
Business Hours
07 30 am - 16 30 pm Monday - Frida
DAF Truck Aerodynamics
Daewoo Truck Aerodynamics
FAW Truck Aerodynamics
Foton Truck Aerodynamics
Fuso Truck Aerodynamics
Hino Truck Aerodynamics
Hyundai Truck Aerodynamics
Iveco Truck Aerodynamics
Isuzu Truck Aerodynamics
MAN Truck Aerodynamics
Mercedes Benz Truck Aerodynamics
Powerstar Truck Aerodynamics
Scanica Truck Aerodynamics
Tata Truck Aerodynamics
UD Truck Aerodynamics
Volvo Truck Aerodynamics
Volkswagen Truck Aerodynamics

DAF Truck Bullbars
Daewoo Truck Bullbars
FAW Truck Bullbars
Foton Truck Bullbars
Fuso Truck Bullbars
Hino Truck Bullbars
Hyundai Truck Bullbars
Iveco Truck Bullbars
Isuzu Truck Bullbars
MAN Truck Bullbars
Mercedes Benz
Powerstar Truck Bullbars
Scanica Truck Bullbars
Tata Truck Bullbars
UD Truck Bullbars
Volvo Truck Bullbars
Volkswagen Truck Bullbars
Truck Accessories
Diesel Locking Caps
Windscreen Guards
Sleeper Cab Extensions
Sleeper Cab-Overs
Underrun Side Protection Bars
Headlight Protectors
Seat Cover Protection

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