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Bittered Sling

Bittered Sling

5204 24th Street, Vernon (BC), V1T 8X2, Canada

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About Bittered Sling celebrates the collaboration of chef Jonathan Chovancek and mixologist and sommelier Lauren Mote, with a combined 30 years experience.
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Mission Bittered Sling Bitters is a retail line of high-quality, small-batch bitters and extracts that provides palate, plate and potion with a subtle-yet-exciting fusion of homegrown ingredients and flavours. Available throughout Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, please visit www.bitteredsling.com/find-us for more details.
Description Bittered Sling Bitters celebrates the unique life and business partnership of celebrated chef Jonathan Chovancek and award-winning mixologist/sommelier Lauren Mote, who together have contributed more than 30 years of professional experience, knowledge and innovation to the Canadian food and beverage industry.

In 2012, Mote and Chovancek launched Bittered Sling — a retail line of high-quality, small-batch bitters using homegrown and artisanal products that provides palate, plate and potion with a subtle-yet-exciting fusion of flavours — and quickly built a reputation both in Vancouver and across the globe.
Originally marketed as a medicinal tonic, bitters are a concentration of select natural herbs, fruits and spices now used primarily as a flavouring agent for cocktail and culinary creations ranging from savoury to sweet. A common and indispensable tool of any bartender, bitters have increased in popularity thanks to the recent renaissance of classic cocktails.

The name Bittered Sling derives from the May 13, 1806 edition of The Balance, and Columbian Repository (Hudson, NY) that defines a cocktail as “A stimulating liquor composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters. It is vulgarly called a bittered sling and is supposed to be an excellent electioneering potion inasmuch as it renders the heart stout and bold, at the same time that it fuddles the head.” By the dash or the drop, each creation offers an intricate range of complex flavours that perfectly accentuates food, spirits and even sparkling water.

Since its inception, Bittered Sling has garnered local and international acclaim with aromatic labels such as Cascade Celery, Malagasy Chocolate and Kensington Dry Bitters — all of which were bestowed with gold medals at the Beverage Testing Institute’s 2014 International Review of Spirits. In 2013, the company was singled out as Producer/Supplier of the Year at the 24th annual Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards. Since 2011, both Chovancek and Mote h
Awards Bittered Sling

Beverage Testing Institute International Review of Spirits Awards (2014)
Kensington Dry Aromatic Bitters – Gold Medal
Cascade Celery Bitters – Gold Medal
Malagasy Chocolate Bitters – Gold Medal
Plum & Rootbeer Bitters – Silver Medal
Grapefruit & Hops Bitters – Silver Medal

Producer/Supplier of the Year, 24th Annual Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards (2013)

“Bartender Lauren Mote and Chef Jonathan Chovancek have designed a line of ex- tracts which are as adept at deglazing pans and spicing up a chocolate cake or put- ting oompf into a macaroon as uplifting a cocktail.”
- Wallpaper Magazine

“I’m always impressed with the array of flavors and the innovation taking place at Bittered Sling Extracts.”
- Paul G. Tuennerman, Co-Owner, Tales of the Cocktail

“Their Grapefruit & Hops extract lends itself wonderfully in a seasonal cocktail combination of clementine, cranberry, spiked with silver tequila in my Bitter Red Head.”
- Kathy Casey, Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen

“Bittered Sling is an uncommon name for a most profoundly concentrated and friendly spirit augmentation from one of my favorite places on the globe, Vancouver, BC. And the owners are really cool too.”
- Warren Bobrow, Apothecary Cocktails

“My favourite Canadian bitter of all, meanwhile, is the Denman flavour, which is a clovey, super-spicy answer to Angostura bitters.”
- Adam MacDowell, The National Post

“A lot of work goes into creating Kale & Nori’s Bittered Sling Extracts. A few drops lend a drink or dish depth and surprising flavour, not to mention health benefits.”
- Stephanie Orford, SAD Magazine

“Scout would like to sincerely congratulate all those who took home accolades [at the 24th Annual Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards], with particular love sent to Lauren Mote and Jonathan Chovancek for winning Supplier/Producer of the Year (as voted by the board of the Chefs Table Society of BC)”
- Andrew Morrison, Scout Magazine

“Going North of the border with [Bittered Sling ... at
Founded 2012
(reflected in the popular "Bittered Sling Sample Pack 2.0 - August 2014 Release 6 x 25mL bottles + recipes + carrying case)


A bright citrus burst for the tastebuds, Orange & Juniper expertly captures the multi-level flavour notes of the perfect, sweet orange blended with aromatic juniper and features an intoxicating array of aromas ranging from floral and bitter to sweet and sour.

Beverage recommendations:
Our Orange extract is different than most – we analyze the tasting notes of the sweet orange and branch off in a thousand directions! More than just the orange flavour and aroma, this extract is brilliant in anything – a wonderful all-purpose bright and fresh addition.

Cooking recommendations:
Cakes, dessert sauces, low sugar cookies and shortbreads love this extract’s botanicals and push a delicate sweetness forward on the palate. This is the ultimate finish for a turkey gravy or light poultry sauce.



(88 points, silver medal, Tastings International Review of Spirits)
A true eye-opener best described as the freshly cut grass of Bittered Sling’s extract family, Grapefruit & Hops mingles the bitter and herbaceous grapefruit with organic wild cascade hops harvested from the interior region of British Columbia to provide stimulating notes of spring and forest.

Beverage recommendations: Aromatic creations beg for this extract – an Aviation, a Negroni, a Caprihinia, a Margarita! This extract LOVES white spirits! As is true with our entire line, this extract is amazing just in sparkling water – thirst quenching and palate-cleansing.

Cooking recommendations: Brilliant with fish and shellfish, replacing the final squeeze of citrus to deglaze or season. We love the herbaceous bitterness, which pushes forward rich and spicy cuisine.


(87 points, silver medal, Tastings International Review of Spirits)

Breathe deep and savour. This extract immediately conjures up images of y

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