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Jeda Plaza First Floor Suite No. 12 at Roysambu Roundabout on Lumbumba Drive Opp Shell Petrol Station, 00100
Bomakwetu is a real estate company in Kenya that offers cheap plots for sale, and cheap houses and apartments for sale. We offer our homes and land at a cheaper price because we source lower priced properties and we allow installment payments. We also offer houses at the design stage at 30-40% discount off the price of complete units meaning the buyer gets to make 30-40% return on investment immediately on completion of the house or apartment.
To give Kenyans an opportunity to own homes in prime areas for prices that are cheaper than market rates and in a way that makes them easy to buy.
We are a real estate agency and developer in Kenya.
Bomakwetu wants to ensure a large section of Kenyans can become home owners through several strategies.
We are offering low cost housing in Kenya in prime locations very near Nairobi CBD to allow our home owners easy commute to work places.
These homes are being offered at the design stage for prices that are 30-40% lower than market prices for the same size and distance from CBD, in relatively similar or even the same areas.
Our homes are spacious with elegant modern and simple designs to ensure maximum use of space and great accommodation for your family and visitors
We are allowing our customers to pay in installments to ensure that they are accommodated.
Bomakwetu is also offering construction services for those customers who have plots but do not have the time or expertise to supervise construction.
Lastly, Bomakwetu has for sale several properties near Nairobi CBD for those who would wish to purchase a prime plot in Kenya before possibly putting up housing later.
1. 4BR maisonette townhouses for sale in Juja 35 mins drive to CBD Nairobi, Kenya for only 6.2M (5% discount for first 8 units sold)
2. 3 BR bungalow townhouses for sale in Malaa 40 mins drive to CBD Nairobi Kenya for only 3.6M (5% discount for first 6 units sold)
3. 2 BR apartments for sale in Ruiru 20 mins drive to CBD Nairobi Kenya for only 2.3M (5% discount for first 5 units sold)
4. 1 BR apartments for sale in Ruiru 10 mins drive to CBD Nairobi Kenya for only 1.7M (5% discount for first 5 units sold

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