Boreal Songbird Initiative

Boreal Songbird Initiative

1904 3rd Ave, Ste 305, Seattle (WA), 98101, United States

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Why is a United States organization working to protect the Canadian boreal forest? Because it is one of the largest intact forest ecosystems left on earth and it is critical to North American birds. International attention is a key part of conserving the Canadian boreal because of the volume of trade between the U.S. and Canada. Resource development in the boreal is largely being spurred by American consumption. The U.S. is the leading importer of Canadian wood products as well as oil and gas. Presently trees being logged in the boreal are mostly pulped and turned into disposable products such as toilet tissue, junk mail, and catalogs.

The historical international focus of U.S. birding and naturalist groups has to date been southward, on the wintering grounds of many North American migratory birds, but now it has become apparent that our attention must be focused north on the boreal breeding grounds of many of these birds as well.

  • 1904 3rd Ave, Ste 305, Seattle (WA), 98101, United States
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