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If this is your first time visiting this page, welcome. I am Ben Dunham and my dog pack consists of Boss, who's adoption was featured on Animal Planet and Molly who was a foster fail. I am a canine behaviorist who mentored with the best in many fields. I now help humans master their our own emotions to better communicate with their dogs, reach their goals and become the leaders they've always wanted to become.
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Official page of world renown canine behaviorist and life coach Ben Dunham. Balance Empower Motivate


Even though I began to work with dogs in the late 90s due to being born into a home with lots of dogs, it wasn’t until I adopted Boss in 2009 that I discovered the huge need for clarity and balance in dog world. After witnessing the constant miscommunication and reinforcement of undesired behavior, seeing it become the normal and more people and dogs getting hurt and euthanized, I knew I owed it to the world to help. I first started with a dog walking business that led to private lessons because every client asked me how their dog is so balanced with me. I found out long ago that traditional methods of training had little effect on clients and their dog’s behavioral issues. To communicate to clients how to become balanced and having them receive the answers in the way they needed to was my biggest hurdle. With the help of several mentors over the years, some in fields that had nothing to do with animals, I realized that I already had the answers. It clearly was not a dog issue, but the lack of communication.

Since my early 20’s, I have spent years studying psychology, spiritual and religious cultures, relationships, seduction and attraction. I have worked as a professional dating coach which most of the time lead me to become a life coach due to the rule, “To have a successful relationship, short or long term, you have to be right with yourself and know your intentions”. I quickly learned you cannot successfully give someone techniques without making them technical first. I have worked with top professionals in marketing, human psychology, dog psychology, athletes, motivational speakers, hedge fund managers and life coaches. One mentor I had after I started my own business was a hedge fund owner, investor and philanthropist. He subtly gave me answers that have taken him a number of years to figure out through trial and errors and having his own mentor guide him along as well.

Having high profile clients that I looked up to and seeing their life positively change with a few things I explained that had to do with their dogs motivated me to help as many people as I can. Having clients from as far away as Chicago, Oregon, Arizona, Florida, Las Vegas, Ohio, Hawaii, Montana, Washington, New Orleans and Utah only motivated me more to teach more in depth in select individuals so that they can then reach places I am not able to. The one main thing I make sure every client understands before I leave their home the first time, is that what I instruct and demonstrate has nothing to actually do with dogs, but to do with themselves and can be applied in every area of their life.




2011, 2012, 2013 Surf City Surf Dog Medals and Trophy
2012 Pup N Pinot Best Dressed
2012 Fuzzy Nation Supermodel
2012 DogTV Calendar Contest Winner
2012 1st Annual AmericanDog Magazine Pit Bull Hero Ambassador Award

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