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1570 Virgilina Rd, Roxboro NC 27573
Parking: Street
About Carolina Chinchilla Ranch / Tiffany's Chinchillas
Tiffany's Chinchillas is a hobby breeder of show quality chinchillas. Available by appointment only. Our website is located at www.tiffanyschinchillas.com
Tiffany's Chinchillas is a chinchilla ranch / hobby breeder located in northern North Carolina on the Virginia border. My focus in breeding is to produce top quality, healthy and friendly chinchillas for you to enjoy as part of your family - whether they're pets, or to possibly start up your own herd. I devote my time and heart into each individual animal born at my home. Chinchillas have become a passion in my life. Thank you for visiting my web page and I hope that you enjoy the site. Come back often for updates and specials.

I purchased my first pair of chinchillas shortly after I got married. I began breeding chinchillas as a hobby and to just own them as pets. These amazing creatures really take over your life in no time. After attending my first chinchilla show in 2008, I revamped my breeding herd as I realized my breeding pairs weren't considered breeding quality. Education is the key - there is a large difference in a pet quality chinchilla and breeding quality chinchillas. Find a mentor who actually knows what they're doing and ask many questions!

My chinchillas have bloodlines from top breeders and ranchers including Hummel, JAGS, Ritterspach, Ryerson, Shoots and Whitewoods to name a few. I'm a member of the Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association (MCBA) and Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative (ECBC) registered under the ranch brand "MTDY" previously and currently under "TIFF". I am currently training under ECBC to become a sanctioned show judge. I am president of the ECBC Southern Atlantic Branch which comprises all states south of PA on the east coast.

I breed for standard gray, black velvet, white and violets primarily and occasionally beige and ebonies. Mutations are bred back to top quality standards in order to increase quality in the offspring. I do not breed animals that are not pedigreed. I occasionally have rescues that come in, yet they are rare - I do try to find them pet homes

My customers have ALWAYS been pleased with th

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