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Ciaran Austin

Ciaran Austin

Exeter, United Kingdom

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Description Once upon a time there was a man named Ciaran. He made the musics on his laptop. One day he was asked by the BBC to do a live session. But Ciaran didn't have any friends. What was he going to do?! He decided at once to start his quest for a band. After many years of deep soul-searching and in-depth research as to the ideal combination of instruments, people and melons, Ciaran stumbled across the magical brilliance of Jamie, deep in a cave in Thailand. Having convinced the guitar-playing prodigy to return to Ciaran's homeland of the mighty Exeter, he continued his quest to find the rest of the band.
In search of a drummer, Ciaran journeyed to the most northerly point of America in search of people who like to hit things. As expected, he noticed a young Louis sitting in the corner slapping some sick beats on a large lump of ice. Ciaran appreciated the dedication and rhythmic genius of Louis' hitting, and signed him up also with the promise of eternally free melons to join the Cantaloupe Tribe.
Next up was le bass. Being the deepest sound in the band it was obvious that the best bassist would be dwelling in the Mariana Trench. Having commandeered a Royal Navy submarine, Ciaran ventured to the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean. There he came across a beautiful mermaid called Pete. Pete did not want to leave the dark crevasse in which he inhabited. However, Ciaran used the power of E Major 11th and transformed Pete's swishy tail into a bass guitar. Pete used this to swim to the surface and it became a boat for them both to sail back to Exeter.
Next on the list was a singer. Brazil is a country known for its party spirit and as such was the ideal location for a voice for the band. Ciaran spent many days searching for the right voice for his band, but after a while decided he should give up. Whilst on the plane back he elected to purchase a soya latte from the in-flight service. Upon hearing that the flight did not offer a vegan option Ciaran flew into a terrible ra

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