DTV Shredder Baltic OÜ

DTV Shredder Baltic OÜ

Võru 55F, Tartu, 50111, Estonia

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Distributor of goods for active people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. GSM +37253363747 Rando-Roger / +3725025594 Ainar or

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DTV Shredder Baltic sells different goods for active people. We are official distributor for many cool brands (DTV Shredder, Kuberg, Daymak, Razor, Quadix, Bimota, Kostka, Forthgoer, OMOW Moto, Airwheel, Estway, Gauswheel and many more) in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and also for some products in Scandinavia. GSM +37253363747 Rando-Roger / +3725025594 Ainar or

Founded Rando-Roger Roggenbaum
Products DTV Shredder, Bimota, Kuberg, Daymak, Razor, Kostka, Gauswheel, Roger, Airwheel, Estway, Forthgoer, Quadix, Rungu, Devron, OMOW Moto, Wild Panther, Laybag, Knobby etc.