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NK/Chakra Hologram 2/ Hugo Tobar


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PO IKOS International kinesiology open space

IKOS Institute / NK/ Neuroenergetic Kinesiology/ Hugo Tobar/ Чакры 2

Hugo Tobar
Основатель и директор Института Кинезиологии в Австралии и всемирно известного метода - Нейроэнеогетической Кинезиологии!

8-11. 12.2018 / Kiev
Подробности узнайте, пожалуйста, у администратора и директора обучающей программы:

Ирина — администратор

+38 093 408 02 10

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Chakra Hologram Series
This series of courses explores many of the body’s chakras or energy centres, their interrelations through the nadi system and their local and systemic effects on the body as well as the overall wellbeing of a person. As first energetics structures to develop in utero, the chakras guide and support physical structures such as the endocrine system, sensory and body organs, joint structures and limb movement as well as their associated functions and belief patterns on all seven planes of the aura. The importance of the chakras in the development of self-awareness, soul purpose and higher self-realisation is also explained.

As energy centres, the chakras impact the anatomy and physiology of the body in a profound way through their interactions with the nervous system. Stress on energetic levels can lead to physiological manifestations and health related issues. This series of courses aims to develop an understanding of the various states of imbalance of these energy centres and their associated energetic channels of the nadi system and how these manifest on the physical, emotional and psychological planes and beyond. Students also learn to balance these manifestations through energetic pathways.

These courses provide:

In depth information on all major chakras, 24 minor chakras and 5 outer body chakras;
Clinical manifestations of imbalances in each of the energy centres;
Extensive knowledge on the interactions between the chakras, the nadi and nervous systems and how the energy flows between these structures;
Balancing protocols for the imbalance states of each chakra along with additional powerful techniques such as the Nadi Hologram and Kundalini Hologram.
Chakra Hologram 2
This workshop is structured around 24 minor chakras for which imbalance states over the various planes of the aura are discussed. These chakras are energy centres related to sensory organs, body organs present and past such as that of the placenta, and joint structures of the limbs whilst the minor chakras of the head pertain to issues of suppression and life purpose. This course seeks to provide balancing techniques for the physiological aspects of the minor chakras along with their associated belief patterns.

This workshop provides students with:

Thorough definitions of each of the 24 minor chakras discussed including their functions on an energetic level, their associated belief patterns on each plane of the aura, the various states of imbalances and their characteristics, and the anatomy and physiology of related body parts;
Balancing techniques for 24 minor chakras as well as teaching of the Chi Formation technique;
In depth discussion on the connections between physiological structures of the body and clinical manifestations of imbalances in the associated energy centres of the minor chakras;
Strong focus on influences of the minor chakras on visual and auditory pathways, joint structure and functions and the lasting influence of the placental chakra.

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Для участия в семинаре необходимо 100 ч обучения сертифицированных курсов Кинезиологии!

Предоплата 100% вносится

Стоимость участия (пособия включены в стоимость семинара):

до 1 ноября - 450 евро

до начала семинара - 500 евро

для членов АК - 430 евро при условии внесения оплаты 100% до 1 ноября!