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Recording Masterclass - Jay Lim: 基本人声混音 | Basic Mixing Technique for Vocal


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*须知 - 这堂讲课需要具备基本的电脑多功能音乐软件(DAW)知识。解说将以Pro Tools软件为例,但内容可延伸于Logic Pro,GarageBand,Sonar,Cubase,等软件内的基本混音配置。*


Jay Lim 老师将用简而易懂的方式,利用之前伟菘和偲菘老师大师课中的录音来解释一些在人声上常用的压缩,EQ,混响效果等技术。这些技巧专用于提升流行演唱,所以绝对可以帮那些在学习混音的同学剩走许多冤枉路!




*Disclaimer - Basic knowledge of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software is required for this masterclass. Pro Tools will be used as the demonstrating platform, but the concepts can be performed using the basic functionality of other DAW like Logic Pro, GarageBand, Sonar, Cubase etc.

Pop music is very much characterised by alot of sophisticated post production on the computer. Even for simple recording projects, simple mixing can enhance their effects and ensure that the end product can be enjoy on different listening platform and equipment. Because the general publics' ears are used to highly polished sounds, unmixed recordings can sound weak or uninteresting.

Jay Lim is an expect in explaining technical concepts using simple layman terms. He will use the recordings created in the previous recording masterclass by Mr. Lee Wei Song and Mr. Lee Si Song, to exemplify the common applications of compression, EQ, reverb and delay effects. He will particularly share settings pertaining to creating the pop vocal sound, hence it's definitely a lesson to help beginners quick start their song projects! Participants of the previous two vocal recording masterclass can further understand the difference between a raw recording and a mixed recording.

This is a more technical demanding masterclass, but its one not to be missed by beginner song producers.

Admission ticket is available at $40 each. For those who have purchased the other 2 same day vocal recording masterclasses, you will receive a 50% discount code for this class.