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觀音神聖的七道門-介紹 & 體驗工作坊 Introduction & Experiencing workshop


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~ ”觀音”神聖的七道門 ~ 介紹 & 體驗工作坊



這與蓮花有關~ 觀音來自菩薩天堂,連結著蓮花領域~ 妳可說她體現了蓮花的女性面向~ 蓮花之美~ 蓮花是美的象徵

在觀音與SunYa的協助下,我們碰觸到蓮花的象徵,她流入我們的女性面向,讓我們自身得以完整 ~



對我而言,這是一趟”美的旅程”~ 我們跳入”陰”的領域~ 對很多人而言,這不是一件容易的事~ 這遠比我們所想的還要有力量!

在觀音與SunYa的協助下,這會容易得多~ 觀音的愛,觀音的美 會協助我們~為我們準備跳入這”陰的力量,陰的智慧與陰性之美的頻率”的道路!



~ from Sun Ya ~

報名連結: https://goo.gl/forms/g9Axi4z1kTW5QdJe2

1.日期時間: 4月12日 晚上7:00 ~ 8:30
2.費用: 800 元
3.地點: 阿卡莎旗艦店
4.地址: 台北市松山區富錦街116號
5.電話: 02-2718-9813

Guan Yin represents the mother. She is a symbol of beauty. When you look at her, every part of her is very beautiful. This relates to Lotus. Guan Yin comes from Buddha Heaven, connecting us to the Lotus realm. She embodies the female aspect of Lotus, the beauty of Lotus.

Guan Yin and Sun Ya are sisters in Heaven and offer us their support. During this training of The Seven Sacred Gates of Guan Yin, as we dive into the power of Lotus, it flows into our own female aspects, completing us and opening a new world inside.

The 14 Guan Yin Elixirs will open these gates. This is a journey of beauty as we immerse ourselves in the realm of Yin. This is not easy for some of us, however, its much more powerful than we think.

With Guan Yin and Sun Ya’s support it will be easier. Guan Yin’s love and beauty prepares and supports us as we leap into Yin power, the path of wisdom and the beauty vibration of Yin. This is all related to the expression of Yin.

For Sun Ya, Guan Yin is the miracle gate, the access into the realm of Yin, that can guide us to overcome fear, to follow the flow and to dive into this powerful softness, where a new consciousness of our own beauty will arise.

Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/g9Axi4z1kTW5QdJe2

1. Date & Time: 7:00PM ~ 8:30PM
2. Price: 800NTD
3. Location: Akasha Flagship store
4. Add. No.116, Fujin St., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
5. Tel: 02-2718-9813