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華嚴經 兩日共修讀書會


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日期 :2018年4月6日~ 7日(星期五-星期六)
時間 :上午9:30 ~ 下午3:00
地點 :馬來西亞慈惠堂
主持人: 馬來西亞慈惠堂 余蓮 (道生) 堂主

華嚴經講到佛陀成道的這個剎那間所呈現出來的不可思議解脫境界。 華嚴經本身是生命的經典,這部生命的經典裡,最大的殊勝處在於“果“地(至善)的佛境界,以及”因“地的成佛之道(邁入止於至善的生命境界的途徑)。

Avatamsaka Sutra (“Huáyán Jīng”) 2-day Learning Session

Persatuan Pengajian Agama ChiHui Tang Kuala Lumpur (“ChiHui Tang Malaysia”) will be holding a 2-day session for the learning of Avatamsaka Sutra (“Huáyán Jīng”), with the support from Fo Guang Shan (Malaysia).

Date : 6-7 April 2018
Time : 9:30am – 3:00pm
Venue : ChiHui Tang Malaysia
Host : Master Yu-Lian (Dao Sheng), Chief of ChiHui Tang Malaysia
Guiding Teachers : Master from Fo Guang Shan (Malaysia)

大方廣佛華嚴經 (pronounced as Dàfāngguǎng Fóhuáyán Jīng) is commonly known as the Huáyán Jīng (Chinese: 華嚴經) : meaning "Flower-adorned (Splendid & Solemn) Sūtra. In a simplified translation: The Greatly Expansive Buddha’s Floral Adornment Sutra.
• Dàfāngguǎng Fó (大方廣佛) means Grand and corrective or expansive Buddhism
• Huá (華) means "flower" (archaic) and "magnificence”
• Yán (嚴), short form for zhuàngyán (莊嚴), means "to decorate in a solemn and dignified form."

HuaYan Jing or the “Flower Adornment Sutra” is described as the very first awareness of Shakyamuni Buddha upon his great enlightenment.

The Sutra is a samadhi text, designed to inspire luminous visions and glorious experiences of mind and reality through its use of abundant mind-expanding and evocative imagery. Yet the Flower Adornment Sutra itself is a very different type of literature. It consists of highly sumptuous visions that offer a systematic presentation of the stages of development and unfolding of the practice activities of bodhisattvas, enlightening beings functioning in the world to promote awakening and ease suffering.

We look forward to your participation in this valuable opportunity.

Amitabha ! Mu Niang Ci Bei !