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Yoga Diksha: Introduction to Yoga Course with Dr. Maha


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Yoga Diksha: Introduction to Yoga Course with Dr. Maha
7th-12th June, 4:45PM-6:00PM

Vision of the course

Learn Yoga from the Start.

- new to yoga wishing to start a yoga practice and benefit from it
- learn the essentials of Hatha Yoga

You will learn:

Beginners will be introduced to the practice of Yoga and explained in detail the “how to” of basic asanas (postures) to build a safe and enjoyable practice.

Dr. Maha is phD in Yoga with over 30 yrs of experience and practice.

- 75 mins class for 6 consecutiive days

- Asanas, Breathing practices, Meditation, Deep relaxation
- Basics of yoga asanas and pranayama, meditation, surya namaskara (sun salutation) and relaxation
-fundamentals of various breathing and relaxation practices
- build a Yoga practice
- experience early multiple benefits of the science of yoga yoga.

When: 7th-12th June
Timings: 4:45PM-6:00PM
Investment: 600AED Non Members,
550AED Members

0559306592 for bookings!