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~*Night Out Of Time* Psytrance and Psy Art Fair*~#4

1904 Music Hall
Event organized by 1904 Music Hall

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! ~~~~~***AT LAST***~~~~~!
We are at the 2 year mark since Jacksonville's very first Psychedelic Trance and Psy Art Fair, making this one our 4th event 🙂
Join us ~ as *1904 Music Hall* is transformed into a Psychedelic~Extraterrestrial~Space Craft/Haven. Ranging from UV reactive Deco, Art, and Body Paint ~ to a beautiful Altar infront both indoor and outdoor stages.
We are to have Visual Artist, Vendors, Music Acts, and interactive Drumming ~ both local and out of State to grace us with their creations.
A designated MASSAGE AREA for when the dance floor may need a break from our fierce and psychedelic expressions. 😜🔥👽🔥😜

Each time around the *Night Out Of Time* events occur ~ the experience ends up as nothing short of magical, powerful, and galactic. Which is what Psychedelic Trance has always been known to bring out ~ once our stomping feet plug into the music.
Indoors will include different ranges of Psytrance, while outdoors will be consisted of a more slower/chill ~ yet still juicy ear candy for everyone to transition between...
Ranging from PsyBient, PsyDub, Tribal Dubstep, to Psychedelic Bass.
Not to mention the immense power Jacksonville's beloved Rhythm And Flow Drummers bring within the interactive Drum Circle.
If You have a drum, a flute, or any acoustic instrument ~ bring it.
Got a Crystal, a Talisman, an intention, an object in particular You wish to place on either stage Altar ~ bring it.

1904 Music Hall is right next to Spliff's Gastro Pub, so You can feed Your belly till closing. 🔥
There will be no fire spinning at this event as it is a hazard even in the outdoor space, though please by all means bring Your other flow toys and hoops. Illuminate the dancefloors with Your magic.
No illegal activity please.
Just Love and respect for Your Brothers, Your Sisters, and the space provided for such a wonderful event.

We wish to put forth our best in all we create, join forces, and share it with You. As You are the most vital piece of this Radiant PSY puzzle. 🔥👽🔥
Allow us to contribute to the blooming and ever expanding Psy community in Florida ~ and beyond ~ with our Dance, our Art, our Music, our creations, and our intentions.
Come share the experience... Bring Your Friends, and lets have this Psy~Space~Ship lift off proper, once again!

Ages 18 and up
$12 at the doors:)

!!!!See You there, PsyTribe!!!!

More Artist info and Lineup bellow!

*KarmA ~
~ 9-10:10pm
~ 10:10-11:20pm
*Fuzz ~
~ 12:30-1:45

~ 10-11:15pm
~ 11:15-12:30am
~ 12:30-1:45am

Music Artists info:

*Music Artist ~ Dj KaRmA
*Jacksonville, Florida

(Progressive House, Electro House, Tech House, Dubstep and Psytrance)
DJ Karma has been DJ-ing for 6 years at several Clubs in South Florida bringing his name to recognition through various means of self promotion and steady determination. His smooth melodic harmonies and sweeping pan transitions are reminiscent of a DJ who knows soft sound but don't get fooled, his bass will make your knees quake!
His nearly trance-like sets are captivating as well as engaging, keeping you on your feet and moving while keeping your mind unweak and grooving.
DJ Karma does not disappoint during his sets and this time should be no different. RE-introducing DJ KaRmA



*Music Artist ~ Kokanje
*Affiliation ~ Prophets of Psy

Kokanje was introduced to psytrance parties and festivals in Europe in 2004. After several years of reveling in the lively European psy scene, she began organizing events in the Netherlands and DJing at chill stages. Now living in Miami, she leads the Prophets of Psy on their mission to bring psytrance to South Florida. Her chill sets are full of mystic, melodic tracks influenced by world music that capture a sense of yearning and wonder.



*Music Artist ~ xb
(intentionally lowercase)
*Athens, Georgia
*Affiliation ~ Incendia

xb is not dead, despite the fact that he's been spinning psytrance for over 16 years. As one of the founding members of Incendia and Tecropolis (Athens, Ga), he has been entrusted with corrupting the hearts and minds of a whole new generation of psychonauts.


*Music Artist ~Bloodwing
*La Porte, Indiana
*Affiliation ~ T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi

Bloodwing hails from the depths of the Underworld, where dark caverns are filled with petrified crystal forests. Witch-queen of the faerie folk, and with the blood of an ancient lineage, she plays the hypnotic sounds of goa music. Her legendary song-spells kindle the magick of the forest and release the sacred spirits of our ancestors.

Her first dose of the Goa-Psychedelic was with scraps of music she found on the internet. When the music found her soul, she passionately learned the art of DJing and began to mix on WKNC 88.1 FM as a regular guest. Her intricate mixing weaves together a mosaic of sounds that create an imaginative space. She selects the finest of the Old School and brings them back into the light.

She is always prepared to give a serious Goa mindswirl to all who dare listen.




*Music Artist ~ Herbivore
*Blacksburg, Virginia
*Affiliation ~ T.O.U.C.H SAMADHI

Herbivore is a strange but friendly mutant lifeform who arrived from the near future in the late Nineties, just in time to play classic ambient and trance tracks for a dorm room full of spaced-out kids. Although able to blend in with the people around him, on a cellular level he is believed to be composed of tofu, comic books, and old vinyl records. Herbivore has mixed numerous styles of electronic music over the years, guided by an insatiable desire for novelty and a pathetically short attention span, but currently gravitates toward tracks that balance psychedelic ambience, non-Western percussion, and speaker-rattling, dub-inspired bass.


*Music Artist ~ Fuzz
*Chapel Hill, North Carolina
*T.O.U.C.H Samadhi

The Fuzz.
Coming to North Carolina in the mid 2000s, The Fuzz abandoned the urban lifestyle following the Siren beats emanating from Asheville, NC. Finding the TOUCH Samadhi collection, The Fuzz quickly set up shop in nearby Greensboro to cultivate further sounds and rhythms to augment the growing vibrations.
The Fuzz was introduced to Goa trance later than most, discovering the classics in the early 2000s. Seeking out the beats of more current sounds, he came up to speed on the progression in to psytrance and beyond. Still with a focus on what first called to him, he continues to cast back to classic influences and sounds in production.


*Music Artist ~ Devotee
*King, North Carolina
Affiliation ~ T.O.U.C.H Samadhi

Devotee found Goa/ Psytrance in 1997 and immediately moved to Asheville, NC and started helping to push the trance movement with great devotion as part of the former group U.T.T.A Chaos which helped birth the beginning of T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi. He has been working behind the scenes with T.O.U.C.H Samadhi and on many dance floors for over two decades, stomping out tribal rhythms and creating many tapestries and decor seen at Psytrance gatherings around the US since 1998. With a keen ear for deep, rhythmic, tribal trance, Devotee is translating what moves him on the dance floor to the PA for all to feel!



*Music Artist ~ Pericles
*Atlanta, Georgia

Since beginning this project in 2007, Ella Pericles has shared all original live sets of future music around the United States with premier 21st century electronic music producers including Shpongle, Ott, Desert Dwellers, Nasty Nasty, Freddy Todd, Pretty Lights, Eprom, Two Fresh, Androcell, Big Gigantic, Eliot Lipp, Thriftworks, Bird of Prey, and many more.

Her brand of mystical future bass music known as ‘Ancient Desert’ has been released worldwide by labels such as Street Ritual, Vermin Street, and Gravitas Recordings, and has been presented at special gatherings, festivals, and burns- with the special honor of performing on stage with internationally renowned artists Alex and Allyson Grey for three years at the Visionary Arts Fair in the southeast.

Now living in Atlanta, PERICLES continues to evolve the music and performance of the ‘Ancient Desert’ into even more fun, captivating, and imaginative dimensions.

Pericles is also a member of veteran live electronic duo Chronicles of the Landsquid.



*Rhythm and Flow* drumming
*Massage by: Milina Franke
*Fluorescent Body Painting by: Ian and Danielle with HEART SPACE

*UV Reactive Deco installations by:




*NoellsterVision Art
*Nick Strait
*Fractal Mosaic
*Neo Magnus Artifex
*Baruska A Michalcikova
*Amethyst Prince
*Coral Glass
*Wingless Art

18 and up, $12.00 admission.