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Vision Board Retreat- Creativity for Wellbeing

Amanda Scott Art Therapy
Event organized by Amanda Scott Art Therapy

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Vision Boards Retreat - Creativity for Wellbeing

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This is a full day immersion into creating a vision board for the next stage of your life. We will reflect on the learnings from the past year, create a "mission statement" or "purpose", and a vision board for 2018/9 and beyond. Using the creative process to transform, a group to reflect with, and a space to connect the internal and external.

Vision boards are used in many ways to help refocus and to manifest the life we desire.

The idea behind this is that when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to travel to, your life changes to match those images and those desires.

Reflect on the past year, your achievements, challenges & learnings.
Set an intention for 2018/2019, name your purpose & vision Create a vision board,
Put energy into what you are creating for the year ahead.
Creatively transform want into have.
Take charge in your life, share this experience with others
Learn tools to work with your vision board and create what you want.
Connect, play & explore.

Amanda is a Qualified Creative Arts Therapist (MA AThR) and has over a decade of facilitation experience exploring identity, transition, grief, self care, managing sensitivity, anxiety and depression, building confidence and increasing wellbeing. Amanda has found that connection, presence and being witnessed is where healing, growth, and empowerment happens.

"I love the space created here. Amanda's facilitation of the creative process is so nurturing, gentle and supportive. I really enjoyed creating something tangible - a reflection of my inner world. I feel full of love, self belief, and deep knowing. I gained confidence and peace. Joy, self belief, freedom, patience, non-judgement.
Creating the vision board allowed me to enter my own creative flow and that is not something I used to think I could consciously action often (I was often procrastinating). But now I feel inspired and empowered to just give it a go and trust the process.
Thank you for providing such a beautiful space that allowed, welcomed and accepted growth, vulnerability and creativity.
Your guidance and strength of connection provided opportunity to learn, explore and discover. More than ever I am grateful for the space to explore who I am and learn to accept that.
Thank you Amanda! You’ve given me such a gift! I'm so grateful to have this experience :)"

- Reika, 2014


1. I can't draw and I'm no good at art. Can I still come to this workshop?

Yes of course you can! You don't need any artistic talent or experience for art therapy.

The creative process is just that- a process. Art therapy intends to allow the creative process to be the focus of art making. By taking away the need to produce “art”, the pressure of making aesthetically pleasing works that will be judged dissipates. By allowing the process to be the focus, your internal messages, insights and emotions feel safe to emerge. The often spoken about block to art making is the belief and fear that “I am not creative” or “I am not artistic” “I can’t draw” “I am bad at art”. These collective and common beliefs can hinder the benefit of creativity. It is important to look at these beliefs and where they came from. They often come form a place of perfectionism, or judgement and of external expectations. If we can accept these judgements as present in the external world, and allow them to be there, then the power they have over us in our art making process is reduced. It is possible to let go of these all together, with the knowledge that this work you create is for you only. It is for you to express your truth, and map your journey through this life. There is nothing wrong with you or needing improving. Every piece of art you create has its own voice, impact and expression, which are all valid! If we can create from this place, we will be able to feel even more power from the healing of the creative process.

2. I want to come but I am resistant to doing things visually because I judge what I create.

Ahh this is a good one- resistance is an old friend of mine, and I have found that resistance is an important part of the creative process. Without resistance, there is no pressure, and with manageable pressure, transformation happens. If you think about the caterpillar in the cocoon or a baby bird coming out of its hard shell, there is a great deal of resistance in the process to transforming into something new. So I am learning that resistance is okay, and sometimes its the cocoon faze, and sometimes its time to take chances, even if you feel you aren't ready!

3. I want to come but I don't have the finances to come at the moment.

If this is something you are interested in, then we can set up a payment plan. If finances are the only thing holding you back then lets chat about how we can make it work. Vision boards are a great thing to do around abundance also!

4. What do I bring with me to the workshop?

All materials are provided, so you don't need to bring anything at all! If you do notice images or words over the next few weeks that you are drawn to, feel free to bring them along, but it is not necessary. We have plenty of varied materials to choose from! There will be a lunch break so you can either bring your lunch or purchase it at a nearby cafe.

Book now to reserve your place!

Vision Boards – Concession (FT student / Concession card holder)
$170.00 AUD

Vision Boards - Full
$200.00 AUD