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Shimmyteams Auditions

Event organized by Shimmytown

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We’re ready to begin our third season of Shimmytown teams. We’ve loved receiving all of your feedback about what you want from teams, and believe we have just what you’re looking for. This season we'll be focusing on quality of movement and performance skills, whilst still having plenty of time for social dancing at all of our community's Bay Area dances. Below is our practice session schedule, team descriptions (including our brand new Switch team) and much more.
Have a read, and let us know if you have any questions.
See you all on the 15th.



All of the teams will practice Monday nights, therefore you'll only be able to join one team. However, we'd like to invite you to audition for multiple teams. There will be a survey for you to indicate if you have one or several preferences.

Each team audition has an arrival time **15 minutes before the audition begins**. Please use this time to collect and pin your bib, warm up, and stretch. We are very tight on time and will be starting everything promptly.

2:15 Arrive
2:30 - 3:30 Audition

We’ll be auditioning these two teams together. We will be posting a mini Audition homework choreo Saturday April 7th, to give you a week to learn it. We’ll be dancing it together at a variety of tempos. We’ll also be running through the first two phrases of the California routine, so know it before you arrive. For people potentially auditioning for the Switch team, be able to follow and lead the first two phrases of the California routine. Don't panic! We're not expecting you to be perfect at both roles, we just want to see where you're at.

Audition homework choreo

California routine (first 8x8s only, up to the breezy knees)

3:15 Arrive
3:30 - 4:30 Audition

We will be posting a mini Audition homework choreo Saturday April 7th, to give you a week to learn it for the audition. It’s the same piece for the Switch and Lindy teams, as people may be auditioning for several teams. We’ll be dancing it together at a variety of tempos. You'll also learn a short piece of new choreo.

Audition homework choreo

4:15 Arrive
4:30 - 5:30 Audition

Carissa and Tor have created a mini choreo for you to review before the audition. They will assist you with it in the audition, and then they’ll add on another short sequence for you to learn.

We’ll then play music at low medium and high tempos (180, 210, 245) to see how everyone does. We’re expecting everyone to be able to dance comfortably at 180 and 210.

We may ask everyone to social dance at these tempos as well.

Also, we’ll be providing feedback from the audition if you ask for it. We’d like you to get something out of learning this sequence and coming to the audition.

Audition homework choreo

Comfortable leading/following basic balboa and bal-swing movements at ~210bpm - (uphold, downholds, adlibs, toss-out, come-around, out-n-ins, swivels, and lollies).



💃 SWITCH TEAM - Hannah MacKenzie-Margulies & Sean Krazit

We’re thrilled to have Hannah and Sean join Shimmytown to choreograph and coach our shiny new Switch team. These two very talented and musical performers are planning a fun, mix-it-up routine for us. The routine will showcase the wonderful world of dancing both roles, switches, and will include sections of solo choreography.

💃 LINDY TEAM - Ann Mony & Ryan Calloway
https://youtu.be/D9aOifM0CWs https://youtu.be/2w-X1MCBfBg

Ann and Ryan have been performing and competing together for 7 years. They are both musically-inclined people who understand the relationship between music and dance, and they care deeply about swing dancing as a unique mode of self-expression. This routine is sure to be challenging, artistic, and contain sections of solo choreography. There will be no aerials in this routine.

💃 SOLO TEAM - Shannon Lea Watkins

We are so very lucky to have Shannon choreographing and coaching for us again this season. Shannon is such a talented and creative dancer, performer and musician, and we’ve all loved the choreographies she’s already taught for Shimmytown. To quote Shannon about this upcoming routine, “Get ready to throw down”.

💃 BALBOA TEAM - Carissa Koo & Tor Helmer

Come get your shuffle on with the Shimmytown Shufflers! Carissa and Tor are coaching their second season and creating a unique performance piece just for you. The choreography will be designed as primarily socially lead/follow-able - with a few twists thrown in! There will be strong emphasis in Balboa technique and refinement during each session.

Looking to take your Balboa to the next level? Want to help show everyone how awesome Balboa is? Dying to figure out how to make your feet look good when you do that one move? We'd love to have you!



Here are more details about what the commitment looks like for this season

Practice dates:
Mondays. April 30th - August 20th.

Practice times.
2 hours from 7:45 to 9:45pm in San Francisco (the Mission and Potrero Hill).

Social dance:
Mondays 10:00 - 11:30pm at Abada Capoeira in the Mission.
Free entry for team members. $5 for everyone else.
The social will be offered as long as attendance is high.

Team practice commitment:
Maximum 2 hours per week, 4 hours the final week.

Home practice commitment:
Minimum 45 minutes per week

Music length: 2.5 - 3 minutes.
Music speed: max 200 bpm

📆 Season schedule:
Weeks 1-6: Choreography
Weeks 7-10: Technique and formations
Weeks 11-14: Technique, performance skills, polish
Weeks 15-17: Performances, in addition to practice sessions

Team dues: $90 per month.
If finances are a concern for you, please contact us for a solution.


Each team will perform three times in the Bay Area.
Some events can put us on their guest list, others cannot.
Entry fees for Team Members may apply.

Local performances will be late July and August. Booking dates will be provided at the audition.

Any performances outside of the Bay Area will be 100% optional, with 0% pressure to attend. We’ll be asking you your preferences at the audition, in the survey.
Choreography formations will be adjusted as needed for performances away from home. There may be one additional practice for traveling performers to practice adjusted choreography.


Previous Shimmytown performances, for your viewing pleasure:

Lindy team - Swingin’ at the Savoy 2018

Lindy team - ILHC 2017

Solo team - Swingin’ at the Savoy 2018

Solo team - ILHC 2017

Balboa team - Swingin’ at the Savoy 2018

For any questions, including requests to video audition, contact:

Ann & Adam. info@shimmytown.com
Jodie. jodie.a.foreman@gmail.com