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Feminine Alchemy Practices with Jurate

Ascension Platforms
Event organized by Ascension Platforms

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This Cycle of Feminine Alchemy Practices is a training of three workshops with deeply rooted intention and daily tools to re-connect with and bring to full thriving the Feminine Self.
To Embody the inner wisdom and to Anchor the inner knowledge.

REGISTER HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/K0nAImAJxjTBKico1


✥ Initiation - 7th April - 5:30pm to 8:15pm ✥
- Welcome & introduction
- Talk: Feminine anatomy: her-story, myths, misinformation, old beliefs vs new research, real experience and remembering
- Heart*Womb connection meditation
- Releasing old beliefs and stories
- Body movement: remembering and owning your body
- Jade Egg introduction and the benefits of the sacred practice on physical, mental and spiritual levels
- Sisterhood time*ritual
- Tools & homework
- Sharing and space closing

✥ Immersion - 10th April - 7:30pm to 10:15pm ✥
- Welcome & introduction
- “How do you want to feel”*“Know your desires" meditation
- Talk: Feminine cycles. Physical and energetic synchronicity
- Body movement: womb dance
- Immersion and Receiving of the Jade Egg
- Gentle movement & tuning inwards for the messages
- Tools & homework
- Sharing and space closing

✥ Activation - 12th April - 7:30pm to 10:15pm ✥
- Welcome & introduction
- I AM embodied feminine manifestation and meditation
- Talk: Feminine pleasure and sensuality
- Body movement: heart*yoni dance
- Yoni Yoga and the Jade Egg
- Goddess ritual
- Tools & homework
- Sharing and space closing


It is a safe and highly honored space of women who gather to remember their life purpose and inner gifts. No previous knowledge is needed to attend the workshops, except - openness, wish to receive, to remember and to step into your power.

☆ Welcome to this ALCHEMICAL Space if you wonder what is a feminine-Me, how You can de-amour your senses, sensuality and how You can live an embodied life to a full potential.

☆ Welcome to this SACRED Space if you feel fear in any aspects of your life, have difficulty to make decisions, are uncomfortable with changes or feel not enough, not worthy or unsafe.

☆ Welcome to this REMEMBERING Space if you find yourself in the same behavior patterns with yourself, within your relationships or have a difficulty to start one.

☆ Welcome to this NURTURING Space if you feel there’s still parts of you that wishes for connection, belonging, for unconditional self love, self acceptance, self compassion on a deep cellular level.

☆ Welcome to this JUICY Space if you feel there’s so much more to your body, mind & soul, to your heart, to your senses, sensuality, pleasure, orgasmic reality and expansion than you were taught to believe.

In this Alchemical Sacred Remembering Nurturing Juicy Space we gather to remember, to re-connect and to fully embody presence, belonging, ecstatic life flow and love.

There is a possibility to join the workshops separately, nonetheless for the best results - it is highly recommended to attend and participate in all three training days.

✥Sat 7th April, 5:30pm to 8:15pm
✥Tue 10th April, 7:30pm to 10:15pm
✥Thu 12th April, 7:30pm to 10:15pm

Investment 3 series:
♡ Early bird 3 series package - till 28th of March: 1100AED
♡ Normal 3 series package - from 29th of March: 1233AED
♡ Paying per serie: 455AED /session

Advance payment via Online / Paypal / Cash
To Sign In & Pay: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/feminine-alchemy-practices-series-with-jurate-tickets-44178107910

Financial Plan Option:
If your finances are holding you back, please contact us, there is always a way, so don’t let money hold you back from what your Heart desires.

Advanced registration is a must as we have limited slots only.
Please also use the link below to the Registration form:

email: connect@ascensionplatforms.com
website: www.ascensionplatforms.com/events

Where: Ascension Villa (Springs 4)
✥ Understanding of the feminine anatomy, myths, old beliefs and blockages that will be shifted, released and healed to give you:
~ full embrace of your own body, voice and space
~ understanding of how your daily choices influence your well being on a cellular level
~ tapping into old beliefs and stories that you tell yourself and that stops you from being fully embodied woman

✥ A number of different feminine practices, movement and rituals to:
~ elevate
~ empower
~ bring back aliveness
~ foster creative energy
~ fertility
~ sensuality
~ abundance
~ prosperity
~ ease
~ flow
~ connection

✥ The sacred practice with Jade Egg that has immense benefits for your physical, mental and spiritual health, few of them being:
~ feminine vitality
~ hormonal balance
~ moon cycle connection & balancing
~ reflexology massage
~ release of tension points and blocked emotions on a cellular level
~ softening of pre/post/ menopausal symptoms
~ toning and preparing for an ecstatic pregnancy
~ postpartum care
~ ignite joy, creativity and juiciness on all levels of your life

✥ The release and relaxation into presence, witnessed by other empowered women, to bring you:
~ clarity and easy flow in your life choices
~ opening to changes and perceiving them as divine opportunities
~ being clear about your desires
~ being clear about your pleasure
~ allowing to receive
~ allowing to pursue
~ tapping into the balance of the Feminine and the Masculine

✥ The release of blockages and old Soul’s contracts kept in a body and root chakra to allow:
~ smooth flow of abundance, prosperity and wealth through all channels
~ definition of your own space
~ honoring Me in Other, for we all are One

✥ Experiences of the infinite power and healing energy of your feminine centers -Womb/ Cervix/ Yoni to:
~ drop expectations and meet life with openness & discernment
~ manifest and birth your ideas, projects and wishes
~ bring the change out to the world and humanity in un-dusting the path for others to step into their power

✥ Opening your throat and voice to stand in your truth, alignment and love to:
~ voice your truth clearly
~ to embrace your feelings and befriend your shadow
~ to sing, chant, voice your womb, your creative universe strength

It is a safe and highly honored space of women who gather to remember their life purpose and inner gifts.

No previous knowledge is needed to attend the workshops, except - openness, wish to receive, to remember and to step into your power.

Jurate Bendziute is a speaker, Feminine Embodiment guide, teacher of the feminine Qoya body movement practice and a qualified sound healing practitioner.

Jurate has facilitated and participated in the feminine awakening retreats and trainings, immersing in bountiful practices and meditations to tap into the remembering of the empowered feminine, bringing back the wild, wise and free woman who thrives, magnetizes and blossoms.

Therefore, Jurate’s wish is to empower women in illuminating their unique gifts, self love, worthiness and offerings to this world so to open up to the life and fully own the ecstatic being.

“ I’ll meet you in a nurturing feminine space to celebrate together the remembering and inner power of yours & of ours ! “

With Love radiance to your heart-Womb.

Siterhood of the New Light
Mathilde Lumiere ElyiahRa 050 910 5688