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Warhammer 40K Battle Brothers Tournament


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Hi Guys,

Here are the details for the details for the 40k doubles event, feedback from the last event will make this one more fun than before.

Date & Venue:
Saturday 19th May 2018
Auckland Rose Park Hotel
92-108 Gladstone Road
Parnell, Auckland 1010

Entry: $45 per team

1500 point Battle Forged Teams (750points per team member)
No Forge World Models allowed
4 Rounds - 150 Minutes per Round
Any number of Patrol, Vanguard, Spearhead, Outrider or Fortification Detachments my be used (yes you can spam tiny units)
Team mates do not need to share keywords in their lists e.g. tyranids and guard is a list.

Round Times: (4 Rounds Saturday. Estimated Timing)
Player Meeting: 9.00am – 9.20am
Round 1: 9.30am – 12.00pm
Round 2: 12.15pm – 2.45pm
Round 3: 3.00pm – 5.30pm
Round 4: 5.45pm – 8.15pm
Prize Giving 8.30pm

Prize Structure (Based on 30 players):
1st Place - $120 Retail ($240 per team)
2nd Place - $75 Retail ($150 per team)
3rd & 4th Place - $60 Retail ($120 per team)
Best Young Blood - $60 Retail
Best Painted - $60 Retail
Best Sportsman - $60 Retail
3x $30 Spot prizes (randomly drawn during prize giving)

All players receive a player bag worth $30 at the start of Round 1.

Please note: no player may win more than 1 prize e.g. 1st place can’t claim the best painted prizes.

Mission list (Found in the 40k Rulebook):
Only War (P187)
Retrieval Mission (P218)
No Mercy (P219)
The Scouring (P220)
Big Guns never tire (P221)
Secure and Control (P222)
The Relic (P223)
Cleanse & Capture (P230)
Contact Lost (P231)
Tactical Escalation (P232)
Spoils of War (P233)
Cloak & Shadows (P234)
Deadlock (P235)

Deployment types (Found in the 40k Rulebook)
Spearhead Assault (P216)
Dawn of War (P216)
Search and Destroy (P216)
Hammer & Anvil (P217)
Front-line Assault (P217)
Vanguard Strike (P217)

Please note the missions and deployment type will be announced at the start of each round.

Army lists with all stratagems, special rules, wargear etc. to be submitted via email to amol@livewiregames.co.nz by Sunday 12th May 2018. Late entries and incorrect army lists will receive a point’s penalty at the conclusion main event on their final score.

All 8th edition codex, index & chapter approved releases up to 30th April 2018 will be legal for this event.

When you submit your army list, make sure the following are CLEARLY indicated:
1. Army Warlord
2. Warlord Trait (this is fixed for ALL rounds)
3. Army Faction
4. Command Points Total (including any bonuses etc.)
5. Other abilities / traits that you normally choose before a game are fixed for the tournament.
6. Summoning / Reserve units.

WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) rule is in effect. Meaning all units in your army must be easily identifiable as the choice on your army list including weapons/wargear etc. I would recommend using converted miniatures if there is no model readily available.

Errata & FAQ:
Only OFFICIAL GW Errata’s & FAQ’s upto 30th April 2018 will be allowed at the Event.

Player checklist:
Please be sure to bring the following for the event

1. 2x Printed copies of your army list. One to be inspected by a judge and one for your opponent to view at the start of each round.
2. Relevant Codex/Codices/Index/Chapter Approved or official publication (e.g. White dwarf) for your army. If it’s not official, then it’s not allowed.
3. Tactical objective Cards (whether they are army specific or generic).
4. Tape Measure, dice, objective markers
5. The Correct Army :)

All Terrain will be in a fixed setup and is not to be repositioned by players. If you would like the terrain moved/repositioned raise your hand and ask for a judge. Classification of terrain will be according to the main rulebook check page 248 or from the UPDATED version in the Chapter Approved. Also as an additional rule, the bottom floor of all multi storey terrain BLOCKS line of sight.

Rules & Guidelines:
Should players have a rules dispute during the game, please resolve it in the following manner:
1. Consult the appropriate rules section in the codex/rulebook etc and discuss amicably with your opponent.
2. Call a judge if you can’t resolve the problem using step 1, the judge’s may consult outside help on the matter. However, the judge’s result will be final.

Players observing games etc. should keep all comments about the game state, missed actions/abilities etc to themselves. Actively or passively affecting games will be penalised appropriately.
Tournament Points:
Your total tournament score is 200 as follows:
Command – 100 points
Painting – 50 points
Sportsmanship – 50 points

Each game will have maximum of 20 Victory points. These are scored from kill points, First blood, line breaker, objectives etc. This should help give a more balanced standing to all players especially those who are in tight games to come out on top!

Painting check sheet is the same one on www.fieldsofblood.com (Thank you Peter Dunn) but with some slight point changes. Please note you have to get 40 points from this schedule to score Maximum painting points (This will be put up as image as FB doesn't save formatting)

Players will automatically receive the full 10 points for being a GC during games however, should you feel that your opponent has been less than ideal please notify the Judges when this occurs so that the appropriate score can be given. Sportsmanship points penalties will be at the discretion of the Judge. Basically, be nice or leave.