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Pranayama and Mantra Meditation


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‘Breathing is the physical part of thinking and thinking is the psychological part of breathing.” – Ayurveda

What is Pranayama?
Pranayama is a Sanskrit word which literally translates into “expansion of the prana or breath”. ‘Prana’ means life-force; it is the life-force or vital energy that pervades the entire body. ‘Prana’ is the link between mind and consciousness. The physical manifestation of ‘prana’ is breath and ‘ayama’ means to extend or draw out the breath.

Why is Pranayama important to me?
Breathing is vital for our survival as it is the only way we can send oxygen inside our body and into our organs. We can live for months without consuming food and days without water, however we can only survive a few minutes without breathing. Learning these ancient breathing techniques will show you how you can positively affect your actions and thoughts. Every thought we have changes the rhythm of our breath. When we are happy, breathing is rhythmic, and when we are stressed, breathing is irregular and interrupted. Mastering the art of breathing is a crucial step towards self-healing and survival. Come join us Saturday, April 7 from 12 pm – 2 pm as we provide an introduction to the science of Pranayama and share some helpful techniques that can help to lower stress levels, regulate blood pressure, and lead to feeling of peace, calm, and overall well-being.

What to expect from this workshop:
Attendees will be introduced to breathing with awareness via diaphragm breathing, alternate nostril breathing, and other practices. Concepts such as Puraka, Rechaka, and Kumbhaka and the physiological activity and benefits of each will be covered. Attendees will gain an understanding of the relationship between thinking and breathing and how one can manipulate the breath in order to gain greater mastery over the mind. The workshop will conclude with rounds of Mantra Meditation in order to develop subtle awareness and realign the energy system within the human body.