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Group reiki with sound bath

Balance with reiki
Event organized by Balance with reiki

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This is a small group event with very limited seating.

In this event you will be guided into meditation followed by a healing sound bath in which each chakra will be activated , opened and balanced. During this time Reiki infused crystals will be placed on the chakras to stimulate energy downloads as Reiki is given to the group.

Healing oils will be used at this event so those with sensitivities to scent may want to sit this one out.

energy exchange $50.00 per person

What You Need to Know Before You Go
1. Bring Your Own Mat / Blanket / Eye Pillow

1. I made the mistake of not bringing my own stuff to my first sound bath, and I spent the hour trying to find my bliss while enveloped in the odor of a stranger’s sweat rising up from the mat I borrowed from the studio. So bring your own stuff. And keep in mind that it may feel like a sleepover for yogis, with everyone camping out and getting cozy.

2. Be Open to an Intimate Experience

I will have my singing bowls with me in the center of the room, with everyone spread around her in a circle, heads close to the bowls. (Greater vibrational healing that way.) It’s intimate. It can feel awkward and vulnerable. It can be hard to get comfortable and relax. Just breathe into it. It’s weird . . . but wonderful once you let go.

3. You Might Feel Like Laughing – or Crying

It’s said that sound healing works to release emotions trapped deep in the subtle body. I have to admit: I have experienced tears during a sound bath. They came and went quickly, and they weren’t brought on by a conscious thought. They were spontaneous and fleeting – almost like part of me was defragging itself (to use an old computer analogy), aligning things inside and creating space. Then there was the time I got a bad case of the giggles. You know the feeling, when everyone is perfectly quiet and suddenly, for no reason, you think you might erupt into uncontrollable laughter? Well, that might happen. Just let it come and go.

4. Get Ready to Be . . . Soft

So in your sound bath, don’t strive. Don’t even listen. That’s right, don’t listen. Just lay quietly and let the sound wash over you, gently and without effort. Chill out.

5. You Will Feel the Sound in Your Body

Have you ever been to a concert where the bass is so thumpin’ you feel your bones vibrating to the beat? That’s the power of sound. Fans of sound bathing believe that specific frequencies of sound can bring our physical and subtle bodies into a state of balance. So during your sound bath, place one hand over your heart and one hand over your belly – imagine the vibrations permeating both your physical and subtle body. Sometimes feeling the sound in this way can lead to a deep state of relaxation.

6. You Might Fall Asleep

That’s okay. We receive the healing of sound bathing even if we sleep through the session. (Just try not to snore!) And even if you don’t fall asleep during the sound bath, you might enjoy an intensely deep sleep that night. I’ve experienced that myself, and it’s one of the most common things people say after sound bathing. Ahh, delicious sleep.