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Family Constellation Workshop

Beit Hala
Event organized by Beit Hala

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Have you ever felt you are giving too much?
Or although you are the middle or the youngest child yet everyone in your family depends on you?
Your career stops at a point and cannot escalate more?
Do you ever feel this longing for someone that you have never met?
You always act as a life-savior for men? Or always attract the same kind of unfulfilling partner? Troubles with money? Repetitive divorces, death in the family?
Answers for the above- mentioned questions and much more can be found through family and business constellations.

Family constellation stands for our system starting from the smaller family of a father, mother and children to the extended family up till great grandfathers and great-grandmothers for both family lines. This family system is one of multiple systems we are part of in our daily life example work, school, sports etc. Sometimes they work parallel but unfortunately, mostly systems overlap.

The theory is built-on the concept of inclusion. In other words, each and every member of this system has the right to belong regardless of his /her behavior. Therefore, by acknowledging the excluded ones, you can put an end to unhealthy patterns. And take control over your life!

If you are willing to make this shift, let me humbly accompany you into this sacred field of awareness. Where light would gently be shed on challenges allowing it to unfold in a safe environment.

Kindly note that this work needs some movement so please dress in comfortable clothes preferably grab in some socks.

During breaks, warm drinks will be served while sharing the food we all bring.

About the facilitator, Rasha El Bayoumi

Rasha started her journey of self- discovery earlier in 2015 after facing major personal challenges which put her face to face with her fears. She says while walking across the bumpy road of life, she learned to look up with a smile whenever she stumbles because she knows there is a lesson waiting for her around the corner. Throughout this journey she rediscovered the bright side in each and every story. She cherished time and learned to live life fully to the utmost. Her teachers taught her the art of being the tool, the facilitator and the serving hand. And she promised herself to hold her clients big, with respect, compassion and an assuring smile saying “I was there”.

A Dialogical life coach - LCE
Certified AAMET- EFT practitioner
Licensed Practitioner in Hypnosis & Milton Language Patterns,
Licensed Practitioner in Timeline Therapy- I.A.T.C
Certified Neuro Linguistic programming practitioner (NLP) INLPTA & IN
Essential Springboard Training of practice and principles of Systematic Constellations- Mirror Effect Constellations
Organizational Constellations “Systemic Intelligence in Action – Bert Hellinger Institute Holland
Certified Family & Business Constellation Facilitator – A two years training program MAAT Consulting

Participants Payment and Cancellation Policy: (Please call for prices and how to pay)
* To benefit from the Early Bird Rate you have to abide by the announced deadline.
* Late Payment Rate applies after the deadline of the early bird, and it is equivalent to the full course fees with no discount and it is only valid till one day before the course maximum 12 noon.
* Same Day Rate applies if you decided to pay on the same day of the course. It is equivalent to the full course fees plus an additional amount that varies from one course to the other. Full payment MUST be paid before entering the training room.
* Full refund of the paid amount may apply if cancellation takes place maximum 2 weeks before the start date of the course. 50% refund applies in case cancellation takes place maximum one week before the start date of the course. No refund will apply during the last week.
* In case of course cancellation or change of schedule by the center or the instructor, the participant will be entitled for full refund.
* Beit Hala is always looking forward to your satisfaction and benefit.

Please call us on 01555996751 or send a WhatsApp message.
سياسة الدفع والإلغاء للمتدربين: (نرجو الاتصال لمعرفة أسعار الكورسات وطرق الدفع)
* للاستفادة من سعر الحجز المبكر يجب الالتزام بتاريخ ميزة الحجز المبكر المعلن.
* في حالة الدفع بعد موعد الحجز المبكر يتم دفع المبلغ بالكامل طبقاً للسعر العادي قبل بدء الكورس بيوم على الأقل في موعد أقصاه الساعة ١٢ ظهراً.
* في حالة الدفع يوم الكورس يضاف مبلغ زيادة على السعر العادي ولايتم دخول قاعة التدريب إلا بعد دفع المبلغ بالكامل تحت أي ظرف.
* في حالة الرغبة في إلغاء الحجز: يتم استراد المبلغ بالكامل إذا تم الإلغاء قبل أسبوعين من تاريخ الكورس. ويتم خصم ٥٠٪ من المبلغ المدفوع إذا تم إلغاء الحجز قبل تاريخ الكورس بأسبوع. وفي حالة الإلغاء خلال الأسبوع الأخير لا يتم استرداد أي جزء من المبلغ المدفوع.
* في حالة تم إلغاء الكورس من قبل السنتر أو المدرب أو تغيير المواعيد، يحق للمشترك استرداد المبلغ بالكامل.
* يسعى بيت هالة لرضاكم واستفادتكم دائماً.

نرجو الاتصال على ٠١٥٥٥٩٩٦٧٥١ أو مراسلتنا على WhatsApp


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