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Mothers Day Mini Sessions for Hayden

Bella photography
Event organized by Bella photography

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Well, Its time for another fundraiser. Hayden Hayes, is a special little boy who needs our prayers and positive vibes. I photographed his parents wedding two years ago in st johns and it was amazing to say the least. We remained to be friends and now they need every bit of help possible. Their story is at the bottom.

Bella Photography will be donating proceeds from ALL MOTHER DAY MINI SESSIONS to this family to help them with financial needs for the journey ahead with their baby boy Hayden. Please support this fundraiser. As well, whoever books a session, you will be entered into a giveaway for FREE HAIR AND MAKEUP (by my sisters, kristen smith and shelley lynn) on the day of mothers day. So you may win a free make over....wow! As well, you will win a free 8x10 from your proofs of you session with Bella Photography. We are helping a family and I like to book as many sessions as possible. To book, please message me at Bella Photography (Sheena L. Martin) or email me at bellaphotographyweddingservices@outlook.com

$50 30 mins 10 images emailed prepaid only to secure your spot please
In studio or near studio for outdoor location

******THEIR STORY******

Verno & Sarah Hayes need your help for baby Hayden.

Sarah (Hayden’s mommy ) was being closely watched by the Drs in Calgary during her pregnancy with baby Hayden due to numerous complications.

Sarah & Verno ( Hayden’s daddy) were notified that baby Hayden had a Right congenital talipes equinovarus otherwise known as a clubfoot , a common birth defect every 1-1000 babies born and twice as common in baby boys, the cause of non-genetic club foot is unknown. This is a condition where the tiny foot is born turned in.
The foot and ankle is tight & not flexible , without treatment babies are unable to walk!

Even with proper treatment Hayden will have smaller calf and leg muscles & most likely a smaller shoe size & possibly a orthodic device in his shoe to help with the overall leg length to match his left leg.

Treatment usually starts after babies are born and are a healthy weight.

Unfortunately mommy had a high amount of amniotic fluid that the DRs in Calgary we’re monitoring & was told if her water broke at any point she would have to call a ambulance as she and baby Hayden were at risk for the cord to prolapse and baby would be with out oxygen rich blood and possibly die.

So on the early morning of December 13 mommy & daddy had to do just that , they called the ambulance as mommy’s water had broke , they rushed her to the hospital where they checked to make sure baby Hayden was ok.

Later that night baby Hayden was born at only 35weeks 5days! 4weeks 2 days too early, I always thought it easiest to round up to the next week when asked how far along but the Drs and nurses that day said when babies are preamature every day counts!

Baby Hayden spent the following 3 weeks in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) where he scared mommy & daddy a lot , he had good days & bad , he eventually grew stronger and one day they let us bring him home!

Because he was a preemie his little legs weren’t big enough to handle the first step of treatment the casting for his clubfoot so the Drs decided to wait till he was home from the NICU and stronger.

On January 17th he received his first fiberglass cast. They have to slowly stretch the foot & manipulate it into the correct position, he receives a new cast every week.

Hayden hates this process which makes it hard on his mommy & daddy when he cries so hard his face is red & his little eyebrows turn white, little tears coming down his cheeks as he lets out a blood curdling cry, this breaks our hearts for our poor little Hayden.

He is now on his 7th week of casting to correct his foot.

The last couple weeks we have had to get a new cast put on every couple days because Hayden tries to kick it off & than his heel slides down to the wrong spot and starts creating a pressure sore. He than recieved a huge plaster cast for a couple weeks which did not slide down and his foot started correcting properly.

Hayden cries initially because of the big stretch & the cold wet cast going on his little leg & for 2 days after the cast is put on because the stretching is painful & not much soothes him , mommy and daddy try there best.

On March 2nd baby Hayden went in for Surgery at the hospital where they preformed a Tenotomy.
A procedure in which they cut the heel cord /Achilles tendon in the back of his heel & than place a new cast on his leg. That cast will stay on for at least 2-3 weeks so the heel cord can repair its self in a loosened position.

Once the 2-3 weeks are up Hayden will go into a brace that will need to be specially made for his little leg,
This brace will hold the corrected foot in place & lightly stretch his foot, he will be in this brace for 2 -5 years.

There will always be a chance of relapse for his foot that may require more casting & surgery in the future but we hope that won’t happen.

Hayden will need to be strictly monitored by his orthopedic surgeon for the first few years of his life, than yearly till he is out of his teenage years & beyond.

This is not a easy fix, but will take years.
Little Hayden is so strong with everything he has been through already we just know he will be able to take on the world!

If corrected properly Hayden will have his best foot forward!

There are tons of success stories of babies born with clubfoot or feet & go on to play Sports and everything as normal kids.

Hayden needs your help, for the brace that he needs, we need to fly to Wells, Maine USA , the orthodist there will custom make his brace for his leg , we will stay there in wells up to a week while all the proper measurements are taken & the brace is made & fitted for Hayden , than monitored for a day to make sure he doesn’t have a reaction to it & nothing rubs causing sores and irritation.

Hayden will need at least two braces.
Each brace costs around 2700$x2
Flights , Calgary to Portland Maine USA