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BTA Game Day

Black Tiger Airsoft
Event organized by Black Tiger Airsoft

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Photo By Jessica Watson

Gates and registration open at 9:30. First game is at 11.
15$ all day. Breakfast and lunch is available.

Please note that field rules are subject to change.

Field Rules At BTA:

Player Admission & Saftey Info:
Ages 10+ to play.

You must be over 18 to sign the waiver and over 21 to sign for someone under 18.

If you are under 18, full eye and face coverage is required. A paintball style, full face mask or fully sealed goggles and a separate lower face mask are acceptable.

Eye protection must be worn at all times and be fully sealed around the eye and have lenses (mesh convering the eyes is not accetpable, even if glasses are worn underneath) that are ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 – 2010 rated.

Eye protection must be full seal; if there is a space where a BB can squeeze through, the goggles are not sealed. Glasses with a dust seal (for example Oakley M frame with helo kit) are acceptable, as long as they are ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 rated.

Eye protection must not be removed for any reason while on the field. If you must remove your eye protection (fogging, issues with glasses etc), put your hand up and call for a ref to assist you. Do not remove your eye protection until you have been assisted by a ref.

Any kind of clothing is allowed, but long pants are recommended and camouflage is preferred.

Player Conduct:

Airsoft is a sport of honor. Good sportsman like conduct is expected from all players. All players have the right to have a good time at the field and it is the duty of every player to respect each other’s rights to do so. Players are expected to call their hits and treat each other courteously. This includes but is not limited to flagrant swearing and verbal assault, unwanted and aggressive physical contact etc.

Not following the rules or exhibiting any unsafe behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct will incur a 3 strikes penalty (at the ref’s discretion). You will first receive a warning, ejection from the current game and then ejection from the field for the rest of the day for repeat non compliance with field rules or staff instructions.

Players should not engage in deceptive practices to gain a field advantage. Listening in on other player’s radio channels, intentionally covering or obscuring team identification, leaving the game and field boundaries, giving the impression that one is not actively involved in game play and other such activities will not be tolerated.

Many of our games make use of spawn points; this is simply a technical detail that keeps the games moving along and simulates the moving and replacement of wounded personnel in battle. After a player calls hit, they should return to their team’s designated spawn point and then rejoin the game. The spawn point should be respected by all players, on both teams, by not shooting into or out of it by a radius of 60 feet. Players should also focus on playing the objective of the game and not engage in spawn trapping, camping the spawn point or other such tactics.

Real steel firearms & knives over 3 inches in length are not allowed in the parking lot. Plastic, replica or dummy knives are the only type allowed on the field.

Alcohol is not allowed on the field or parking lot.

Please remove all trash and personal belongings from the field and parking lot.

Gun & Weapons:

All gun and magazine types are allowed, as long as they shoot .6mm plastic airsoft BBs. However, modified BB, pellet and home made guns are not allowed.

Any brand or weight BB are allowed, but must be plastic, .6mm BBs. Glass, steel, aluminium and other target shooting BBs are not allowed.

A 20 foot MED (minimum engagement distance) must be observed for all rifles / CO2 guns. You must use a lower FPS green gas / propane pistol (350 FPS max), to engage targets within the MED.

FPS is measured with .20g bb’s

Rifleman 400fps – All gun types, full auto and hi cap mags ok.

DMR 400 – 450fps – 100ft+ engagement distance, semi-auto only, incapable of full-auto mode, high caps ok, no rapid fire, no burst (2-3 round) fire.

Bolt action sniper – 400 – 450fps 120ft+ engagement distance (bolt action only).

Bang out distance is 10 feet. No one is allowed to shoot any gun between 10 and 0 feet to the target. Within that distance, your finger must be off of the trigger and you say “bang” out loud. You may bang out up to four people at once. If more than four people are present, four are banged out and the “banger” goes back to re-spwan.

No heavy, full auto fire or blind fire. Fire in short, controlled bursts only.

Mags out and no dry firing in the parking lot. Test firing is allowed, but please ask a staff member for the appropriate place to do so.

In the parking lot and in the field, keep your finger off of the trigger and point the muzzle of the gun at the ground. You should only raise your gun and place your finger on the trigger on the field, when you are ready to engage targets.

Smoke and grenades are allowed, but must not use any kind of flame or spark.

Grenades and grenade like objects (NERF rockets, stress balls etc) do not have to explode to count as a “hit”. Grenades and rockets have a kill radius of 15 feet. Grenades do not penetrate walls, rockets do. A rocket that impacts a barrier hits all within the kill radius, including the other side of the barrier. A grenade only hits on the side of the barrier it is on.

Knife kills must be made with a rubber knife or other similar dummy weapon (NERF axe, sword). Simply tap the person and say “you’re hit” or something similar.

Calling HIT And Other Game Play Rules:

Always call your hits. When in doubt, call yourself out.

Players call their own hits. Do not call out to others to call their hits. Keep shooting or call for a ref.

Gun hits (on the gun you are holding) or ricochets do not count. The hit has to be a direct hit on your body or something attached to it; this includes pouches, holstered pistols etc.

When you are hit, raise your gun, hand or dead / kill rag above your head and loudly call out “HIT”. While keeping your gun, hand or dead / kill rag raised above your head, return to the spawn point or follow the instructions for that game.

If someone calls hit, everyone should allow that person to safely exit the area by pausing play if necessary.

Dead men tell no tales. After calling “HIT”, no player is to discuss player positions on the field or any other information about the game until they have rejoined the game.

Players should do their best to not give away each other’s potions during the game.

The ref on the field has the final say, do not argue with the ref.

The refs are on radio channel 10 and can provide assistance over the radio if needed.

Keep a 10′ distance from moving vehicles, do not crawl under vehicles, and never assume that the vehicles can see you.

Do not move, rearrange, shoot, or destroy field props, sandbags, concrete blocks & vehicles.

Do not shoot the livestock or use them for cover or cut the fencing.