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Stability and Grounding with Standing Postures

Bodhi Yoga School
Event organized by Bodhi Yoga School

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Standing Postures are the foundations of any Yoga Practice. Through Standing Postures, the body and mind become strong, grounded and energised. Standing Postures maintain health in the body while strengthening the legs and hip joints, bring healing the spine and helping you to find an inner and outer balance. Standing postures are designed to connect us to the Earth element, to increase our sense of stability and grounding in life. Through this sense of stability and grounding, we are given the opportunity to bring the awareness inwards, rather than outwards.

This three hour workshop for Yoga Students from beginners to advance and Yoga Teachers to understand the Therapeutic purpose, Grounding and Safety alignments of Standing yoga postures. We will learn, through practical, how standing postures bring lightness to the body, allowing the breath to become deep and the mind to become silent.

Through incorrect alignment of standing postures leads to many disorders of spine, hips, knees and also the digestive organs. To correct all this and avoid future problems, yogis have prescribed standing poses to maintain the health of the entire body. The practice of Standing Postures strengthens the leg and hip joints, tones the leg muscles, and increases one’s sense of balance. These postures also help remove stiffness in the legs, correct the hips due to minor deformity in the legs, relieve cramps in and increase elasticity of the calf and thigh muscles and tone abdominal muscles and organs.

Poses we will discover:

1. Tadasana
2. Trikonasana
3. Virabhadrasana 1
4. Virabhadrasana 2
5. Parasavotansana
6. Parivirita trikonasana
7. Utkatasana
8. Parsavakonasana
9. Adho Mukha Svanasana
10. Uthhita hasta padangusthasana
11. Natrajasana

What we will learn:

1. Standing Postures and Physio Yoga Alignments
2. How these postures can help you release back pain, shoulder pain, Neck pain and Mild sciatica
3. How these posture can help to improve digestion, respiration, cardiovascular and nourishing the reproductive organ for a good and stress free life
4. Benefits and contradictions of these poses
5. Learn the art to design the posture according to your body
6. Use of Props in standing posture to maintain a powerful and healthy way of approaching the pose
7. Building Stability and Grounding with Standing Postures
8. To bring strength and flexibility to the whole body and lubricate the joints
9. Psychological Effect of Standing Posture
10. Emotional healing and tools to handle emotions with standing poses