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Breakthrough Anniversary Celebration


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Join us for a day of celebrating, learning and upliftment.
Call us to reserve your spot for the free talks and mini-sessions, or just drop in to join in the fun!
We will have:


*11am to 12pm: Introduction to the Zodiac, facilitated by Nancy Arruda
When most people think of the Zodiac, they connect that to their Sun Sign. Did you know that all of the signs of the Zodiac are found in your natal or birth chart? Join me for a mini lecture on the Zodiac and get a deeper understanding of all of the sun signs. Not just as they appear as 'personality' traits for Sun Signs, but as they apply to who you are and what you are learning! Join me on May 5th during Breakthrough Centre's open house for an introduction into the Zodiac and understand the lessons of the Universe!

​* 1pm to 2pm: Intro to Theta Healing, facilitated by Ainsley Magno

Discover Theta Healing with Ainsley Magno - an international breakthrough healing modality that is sweeping the globe. Theta Healing is a safe and effective healing modality that is done through meditation and non-denominational prayer. It removes barriers to living with complete health, freedom and abundance. Theta Healing clients have cleared addictions, found their healthy weight, recovered from past traumas, healed from broken relationships and attracted both their life partner and abundance into their life. You deserve all that you wish for yourself in your life, and you can have that instantly through Theta Healing.

* 2:30pm to 3:30 pm: Emotional Healing with Essential Oils, Facilitated by Britta McBride
Discover which oils are the most beneficial in clearing emotional issues and facilitating emotional healing! Britta will discuss the properties of several useful oils, and also demonstrate how they can be used as emotional support.

​* 4:30 to 5:30: Happiness is your Natural State: Heal your Emotional Baggage. Transform your Life, facilitated by Nisha Karumanchery-Luik

Come and learn how emotional pain that was created in your past still impacts you today. Then let Nisha walk you through a healing meditation to clear some of the baggage and imprint a new vibration of joy so you can get back to the business of being happy!


* Tarot Readings with Britta - 20min for 20$ +HST

As an emotional intuitive, Britta uses tarot as a spiritual conduit, enabling her to weave a story around your situation and pull meaning from the layers of symbolism that will ultimately empower you to make educated choices that will bring you in line with your highest path. Tarot can be used to reveal energetic blockages (including chakra blockages), explain inner motivations, and provide you with guidance that will lead to healing. A reading with Britta can explore many different situations, however her main areas of specialty involve relationship queries, career guidance, and chakra readings.

​* Theta Healing Sessions with Ainsley - 30min for 25$ +HST

Theta Healing is a world renowned healing technique that can bring about instantaneous and positive change to one’s life. Using meditation and focused thought, Theta Healing works to remove limiting beliefs in one’s subconscious in order to evoke physical and emotional well-being. It works for anyone of any religion, and for any circumstance one wishes to find peace and freedom in. Each session is different, and dependant on the goal of each client. A session may involve healing traumatic experiences from the past, past lives, or from one’s ancestors. It may include connecting to a spirit guide or a loved one that has passed. It could even involve discovering your life’s purpose, manifesting dreams, helping you attract your soul-mate, heal a relationship, or generate more abundance. Whatever the scenario, Theta Healing is deep, powerful, safe, and accessible by all. Simply put, this remarkable healing modality gets what’s in your way, and out of your way, from living the live your truly deserve and desire.

​*Mini Astrology Readings with Nancy - 30min for 60$ +HST

Nancy Arruda will be offering mini walk in astrology readings at
Breakthrough Centre's Anniversary Celebration on May 5th! With your
date of birth, time of birth and town of birth find out your unique
astrological energy signature! Sit with Nancy for a mini reading and
gain understanding into your own personal birth chart. The first step
to manifesting any desire starts by truly knowing who you are!
Astrology can help determine if beliefs you have about yourself are
real or false! It shows you your personal energy and how you direct
that in different areas of life, such as Career, health, finances,
relationship and so much more…
Discover you in these mini sessions! Nancy is offering a discounted
rate for her mini astrology readings that are being offered on this
day! If you have a question you need answered, bring that question
with you and she can advise you of the best course of action you need
to take based on how current stars are aligning with the stars in
your personal birth chart!

​*Energy Clearing Sessions with Nisha - 30 mins for 45$ +HST

Come with an emotion or issue that you would like to clear. Let’s find its source in this life or in a past life or in the Akashic records or in your energetic field and heal it and purify it so you can return to your natural state of happiness.

*Angelic Healing with Natalia - 20 mins for 20$ +HST

This is the opportunity to explore a specific issue and with the help of celestial beings receive divine guidance and support.
Natalia can help you communicate with angels, archangels and ascended masters to receive the guidance that you need.
The session might include chakra clearing and/or aura clearing or Karuna Reiki.
Some of the benefits are a sense of joy, love (to self and others), calmness and greater awareness.