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Busan Must-go Tour, Seasports Beach, For 3Day Holiday

Seoul Hiking & Nature Group
Event organized by Seoul Hiking & Nature Group

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Hi~! all!
For 3days Holiday in May, is very rare long holiday, we will take you to Busan 2nd biggest and seacoastal city, tour around the iconic places in nature and culture!

How about we all have a chance to visit Busan while you are in Korea! We will rent out entire building or flat of guesthouse and easily can make friends, talk about travel and party at night!

Our guesthouse is right next to Haeundae metro station and beach, traditional market and the Jangsan mountain which has the best view to beach,harbor,bridges in Haeundae!

Busan is the 2nd city in Korea, the lagest port city also.
It has moutains along the seacoast, there are couple of beautiful sand beaches! It shows off the skyscraper apartment building,highest apartment in Asia are built.
However, there are places the rural atmosphere markets, fish markets, old houses,mega big spas, and Geumjeongsanseong fortress wall along the mountains harmonies well with the new architectures.

We will take you to the seacoastal walking along the paths over cliff! especially for sunrise!
Seacoastal temple, Haedong Yonggungsa.
There will be list of places want to explore in Busan.
We will form a group of people to explore Busan by public transportation.
However, our bus will run to some of most popular destinations.
- Oryukdo Island Viewpoint and Jagalchi fish market!
- Haeundae traditional food market tour and Camilla Island Seacoastal Walk.

Let's plan ahead the trip on 3days! You can have free beach time or activities(Stand Up Paddle)!
Please, hurry to sign up as spots limited to 40 people! Spread the word~

(1) please,wire fund in advanceto hold spots(kookmin bank,762301-04-223562, 김승일(Seoul Hiking)

EARLY BIRD PRICE please don't miss it!
149,000won pay face to face on the day only if spots available.
129,000won(early bird from now till 13th,April)
134,000won( 14th,~27th)
139,000won(28th~ 3rd,May)

PAYPAL (1USD=1,000KRW,as including paypal service fee,currency exchange rate) to seoulhiking@gmail.com
- bus transportation from Seoul to Busan and back
- 2day accomodation(guesthouse Haeundae Beach)
- 3day breakfast
[experience]seacoast,fish market,traditional market,Haedong Yonggungsa temple,
Haeundae camellia island,highest rise night shot,glass floor cliff viewpoint,seasports

* Frequent Bus Trip Discount
for those who came to BUS trip to SHG, a bus fee discount.whoever came AT LEAST

1~2times/ -₩2,000
3~4times/ -₩4,000
5~6times/ -₩6,000
7~8times/ -₩8,000
9~14times/ -₩10,000
20times more/-₩14,000

* [Group Sign-up Discount]
- minus 5,000won for person : pay for 5 person and claim a room, send the list of name
- minus 8,000won for person : pay for 8 person and claim a room, send the list of name

♣ SOME AWESOME THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO DO: (your choice) can be informed more detail information on the day!

[Recommendation to discover on your own]

-Busan is always crazy traffic busy on the weekends, so taking the subway is strongly recommended. You could also take a taxi for a short distance. The easiest way though would to be to walk and get exercise and see more!

A. JANGSAN MOUNTAIN: (장산,Best view to Haeundae) (4hour)
we don't have to go all the way to tower or pay money to take the elevator up! The mountain is right behind the subway station and is similar to the mountains in Seoul, commanding great views of the city, especially the whole area of Haeundae. Just walking for 30 minutes up through the village, passing a temple and paths in the mountain would still be worth doing if you don't want to do the whole hike!

B. HAEUNDAE TRADITIONAL MARKET: taste local food!(1~2hour)
the Haeundae area is famous for the market alleys. You can find several 소머리국밥 "someori gugbap" (beef stew with rice) places. You can pretty much walk in to any restaurant into a crowd of people all eating this same style stew! On the walls there are usually a bunch of autographed photos of celebrities in the restaurant. There are of course other choices, but this is the only stew with rice in it or rice on the side.

Or, if you're feeling more adventurous and want to taste something more unusualy, you can try 선지 해장국 "seonji Haejangguk." This is a stew made with beef blood jelly. Sounds gross but actually really good!

C. CENTUM CITY & BUSAN FILM FESTIVAL: (2~4hour) -from Haeundae station by subway 15 mintues)

Busan has the monstrously huge Centum City Department store - which won the Guinness Book of World Record for biggest in the world in 2009! You can see the awarded monument in front of Shinsaegae. Here, there is one of the biggest saunas in Korea, Spa Land (스파 랜드) If you're a fan of saunas, this is a must-do! Very near Centum city (a block walking) there is the facility which holds the well known Busan Film Festival. The architecture of the cinema alone is worth visiting. If this part interests you, there will be film exhibitions happening over the weekend as well as some performance. (Check for details)

자갈치 and 태종대: (4~6hour, subway from Haeundae by 0.5 hour)

- Jagalchi fish market is a great place to feel the vivid energy of coastal life. Here you can explore not only the market but nearby there is also 광복동 "Gwangbokdong" fashion street, 남포동 "Nampodong" which is kind of the old downtown Busan. If you want to enjoy the view from the hill, just walk up towards 용두산 "Yongdusan" Park. You will see a statue of admiral Lee Sun Shin . As the lord high admiral of the Korean fleet under the Chosun Dynasty, Lee Sun Shin led the fight against the Japanese during their invasion of Korea in 1592. Busan was hit the hardest by the Japanese invasion and occupation being the closet port to Japan.

After that, you can take the city bus to 태종대 "Taejongdae" Marine Park (about 40min by city bus). Here, you can enjoy a pebble beach where there should be tents selling live-octupus, hiking paths, and a stroll to a lighthouse.

E. BEOMEOSA TEMPLE & GEUMJEONGSAN FORTRESS - 범어사 & 금정산 :(4~5 hour, 1hour by subway)

Hiking starts from Beomeosa station where there is a trail to the temple. At the top, you can hike a loop which will take about 3 hours (very light hiking). This way, you can take more time to explore the mountain area around the fortress.

Geumjeongsan is kind of like the "Bukhansan" of Seoul -very popular, many trails, and any of the trails take you back to some part of the city, so even if you get lost, you can explore and end up finding more interesting places. You can walk along the ridges of Geumjeongsan for 1~2 hour. There is also a trail which leads you to 금강공원 "Geumgang gongwon" (park). Here, there is cable car to the top. The bottom of the park where the cable car starts is the 온천동 "Oncheondong" (spa town) or well-known for 동래온천 "Dongrae oncheon". All the roads are lined with spa motels, and here also is one of the oldest and biggest in Busan. The closest subway station to this area is Dongrae(동래)station.

F. OBSERVATORY & EULSUKDO ISLAND -을숙도: Eulsukdo Island (2 hour, 1 hour 10 min)
Where the end of Nakdong river merges into the ocean is an excellent spot for bird watching. Here, many birds rest during their long migration, and we can check them out in the observatory. There is also the new Nakdong estuary eco center 낙동하구체험센터. You will have a good chance to feel, see, and taste some of local culture here. The closest subway station is Sinpyeong station (신평역).


(2 hours, subway ride 1hour)
This untouched (for 30-40 years) town is located within a steep hill and is far from downtown. It is similar to 개미마을village in Seoul. Winding roads in a valley crevice full of colorfully painted houses and murals. A super interesting contrast of old and new. And the whole village has a view of the ocean- so all the houses are densely crammed into a small space! You can start your tour here from Jagalchi station(자갈치역) or Toseong(토성) station.

♣ Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

is situated on the coast of the north-eastern portion of Busan. This superb find of a tourist spot and temple offers visitors the rare find of a temple along the shore line. Most temples in Korea are located in the mountains. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple was first built in 1376 during the Goryeo Dynasty. During the reign of Uwang, the great Buddhist teacher known as Naong established this temple beside the sea. Haesu Gwaneum Daebul (Seawater Great Goddess Buddha), Daeungjeon Main Sanctuary, Yongwangdang Shrine, Gulbeop Buddhist Sanctum (enclosed in a cave), and a three-story pagoda with four lions can all be seen looking out over the ocean.

♣ Taejongdae Resort
Designated as a Busan monument, along with Oryukdo Island, Taejongdae (태종대) represents Busan, and is especially famous for its rock beach. Featuring its highest peak at 250 meters, there are forests of pine trees and other 200 varieties of trees. Taejongdae was named after the 29th king of Silla Dynasty BC57~AD 935), King TaeJong Mu-Yeol (604~661). King TaeJong had traveled to many places but this was the place he enjoyed shooting arrows. Under the lighthouse of this resort is a rock called Sinseon Rock, named after the myth that gods and goddesses came down here to relax. At this rock is a figure called Mangbuseok, named after the story of a woman who waited for her husband who had been taken to Japan. Taejongdae is also famous for the ritual of praying for rain, performed when there are droughts, and rain on the 10th of lunar May is called the 'Taejong Rain'. On days with clear skies you can see Japan’s Daema Island from the observatory.

* to save daytime,we leave at Friday night.
leaving-out-of-ordinary-and get-into-the-fantasy-trip,sleep as tight as possible,prepare ear-plug and jacket if you are sensitive to cold.

if you have ever tried this kind of Friday-departure,you should try and it seems like 2 days trip in a day~!.

[Friday,11PM] Bus pick up

Bus pickup schedule
11PM : Sinchon station,exit7
1115PM : Sinyongsan,exit3
11:20PM: Express Bus Terminal subway station, out of exit8,
11:45PM : Dongcheon 동천 subway station,Sinbundang line,exit1,100 steps to EX-HUB on highway.
11:50PM: Jukjeon Highway Bus Stop(whoever knows the place only,not for firsttimer)
00:10AM: Manghyang reststop(near Cheonan)
1:10AM: Daejeon Bokhap terminal
[♣ Map of pick-up]

[5AM] arrive at Oryukdo Viewpoint seacoast
- sunrise,
- breakfast : Peanut butter & Jelly,bread
[10AM] Jagalchi market, find local restaurants serves grilled fish!
[12PM] check in motel

Anyone can join for Haeundae tour
- Udong Market
- Camellia island, skyscraper view point(better than HongKong,Dubai~ check out the reflections over ocean!)
- Seacoastal walking to beach
- Udong market, local food for dinner!

[8PM] Party at hostel begins ~11PM

[Sun,8AM] breakfast at Guesthouse
Sunrise Hike~! optional activities
- hike up Jangsan ,let's form a team and hike up the mountain you can walk 10min there! Hike as long as you want, 2Hour to the peak, Geology Park, diverse rock formation you can see!

Afternoon optional activities(20kwon ~40Kwon, canoe,SUP,etc)
1PM heading to seasports, leisure center , Stand Up Paddle!
there are canoe, possible!

Mon ,8AM] breakfast at Guesthouse
free beach time!~

2PM departs for Seoul
7PM Seoul

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