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Rhino 6 Week Challenge -Intro at NW on Durango & Centennial

Rhino Crossfit
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Challenge Description
Complete 24 Classes in 6 Weeks to receive your refund. You may go to classes on the Northwest, Henderson, Las Vegas, or Summerlin sides of town. (We have 2 Camp Rhino locations and several outdoor bootcamp locations). You may also choose to pay for Personal Training instead of classes if that is more comfortable for you.

Flexibility: We will always have other orientations coming up if any of those fit your schedule better. You may attend an orientation and start the challenge with a later group.

A message from Julie, the owner of Camp Rhino:

“If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s how to help you feel amazing while trying to lose weight. My entire company was built off of my personal desire to lose weight and in turn help others do the same. It’s so hard on me to watch my members yo-yo diet and start working out and then quit. If I personally led you through a 6 Week Life-Style Challenge, would you commit to it? If I taught you how to eat right, helped you make small changes with huge impacts, helped you design your fitness and meal schedule, and held you accountable with bi-weekly meetings, would that be the spark that would ignite the fire within you? I believe it would. I believe in you.

I need to give you a reason to commit. So, I’m going to charge you $300 for this 6 week program. However, if you come to your workout classes (24 in 6 weeks), meet our nutritionist twice, and don’t eat anything you’re not supposed to have (don’t worry, you will eat lots of food and get a weekly treat), you get the entire program for FREE (I give you back your $300).” – Julie Johnston

Since this is our community service project and essentially a free program, we only accept participants with positive attitudes and a willingness to learn and grow.

The 6 Week Challenge Includes:

1) The Orientation and the Phase 1 Nutrition Workshop (Attend the workshop at either location. If you can’t make this workshop, we will always have another one coming up soon that you can transfer your challenge to, as long as you do it before it starts)

You learn Phase 1 of our nutrition program

You receive your Food and Fitness Journal

You complete your initial Weigh-In and Fit3D Scan (The Fit3D scanner is always at the Eastern and Warm Springs location. You may go anytime before or during the challenge to receive your scan.)

2) Weekly accountability (You meet with a nutritionist as often as every other week to go over your Food and Fitness Journal. The nutritionist meets both at the Northwest and Eastern locations. )

3) Full access to 177 classes per week all over town (CrossFit, Indoor/Outdoor BootCamp, and Obstacle Training), including beginner classes

4) Your final graduation and Fit3D Scan

The Rhino 6 Week Challenge is all about clear, healthy goals, and starting your weight-loss or lifestyle journey with a like-minded group of people. You will lose weight/tone up and feel amazing as a beautiful side-effect of making small nutritional changes and attending your workout classes. You will finally break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and inconsistent exercising. You will make the best investment of your life, and will start a new chapter in your life. And I will be with you every step of the way. Don’t wait, sign up today. There are only 40 spots available in the 6-week program, as I want to give everyone the attention they need.

Try to be early to the orientation. Every minute is important to your success. If you miss your orientation, you may attend another one, either with this session or the next. The orientation is a requirement for doing the challenge.

Join the Facebook Event Page for the next Challenge HERE (you will be accepted once you register for the challenge)

Note: If you’re brand new, we welcome you to do the challenge one time without a membership. Members may do the challenge while maintaining their membership. Refunds are ONLY given at the final graduation (or meeting time/date of your choice, scheduled 1 week in advance) if you completed the challenge.

How do I earn my refund?

1-Attend a cumulative of 24 Camp Rhino classes in 6 Weeks. Going on vacation? No problem. We want you to do 5 classes a week, and only 4 per week are required to get your money back! So you will easily be able to leave for a week or miss a few classes due to life happening, just as long as you get your 24 in.

2-Meet with the nutritionist at least 2 times during your challenge, the first meeting should be scheduled around 2 weeks in.

3-Don’t eat anything you’re not supposed to have. But don’t worry, you can have so many awesome foods! For example, tacos with corn tortillas are APPROVED! You will be eating a lot and feeling awesome. We want you to be able to enjoy food, drinks, and life, so don’t worry about having to give up everything you love.

4-Attend your final Check-in/Graduation with me. We will make sure it works with your schedule. Refund is only given at final check-in if 1-3 are completed.

How many people earn back their refund?

We are really, really proud of this part. Most challengers earn their refund money back and change their lifestyles forever. And a lot of them become part of our Rhino family. The challenge is our community service project to better our Las Vegas community, and we offer support every step of the way.

What is after the 6 Week Challenge?

The RhinoLife Total Transformation Challenge

6 Weeks to Challenge Myself

12 Weeks to Change Myself

16 Weeks to find total Mind and Body Happiness and Help Others

The goal is to change your life, not just change your 6 weeks. The 6 Weeks gives you an amazing super-highway start on changing your life, and is the free trial period before the 28 Week Total Transformation Program. The 32 Week Program is broken up into a 12 Week Change My Life System and a 16 Week Mind, Body and Happiness Total Transformation. Most graduates choose to continue with our 12 Week Change My Life System, because it picks up where the 6 Week Challenge left off! The 12 Week Change My Life System will turn a short term challenge into a life-changing way of living and eating. The 6 Week Challenge starts you on an easy path to health and happiness. The 12 Week CMLS continues where the 6 Week Challenge left off, with a more personalized nutrition plan that progresses as you ‘graduate’ each step in the transformation process.

The 12 Week Change My Life System includes:

12 progressive Mini-Challenges that will keep you motivated towards your goal without taking any extra time away from your family or careers. No tracking, apps, or logging required. Each Mini-Challenge is only 1-2 weeks long.
Admission into the 12 Week Change Your Life community, where you will make friends with like-minded people.
A mentor who will be checking up on you and helping you stay accountable
Monthly Fit3D scans
Monthly nutrition meetings with Anna.
Unlimited access to Camp Rhino, Rhino CrossFit, and Boot Camp Las Vegas classes.
Access to the monthly motivational workshops with Julie, the owner of Camp Rhino and Chef Anjo. At the workshops, there will be a motivational topic that will be discussed as a group, food tasting, and cooking lessons. (Only accessible to the 12 Week Community, only $15 to attend)
What is after the 12 Week Change My Life System?

After your 12 Week Graduation, you will feel unstoppable physically. Your energy levels and excitement for training your body will be unprecedented. This is when we know it is time to bring it all home with total happiness and wellness training inside and out. We don’t want you to just be fit, we want you to have a happy life. As Julie Johnston, the owner of Camp Rhino, realized – reaching your goal weight does not make you happy unless you truly love yourself and become your best self. Once you love yourself, you will have love for those around you and you will finally lead a happy life. The 16 Week Total Mind, Body and Happiness Transformation is the final step in becoming your happiest, healthiest self.
The 16 Week Total Mind, Body and Happiness Transformation Includes:
Admission into the highest, happiest-rated group of them all, the 16 Week Total Happiness Transformation community.
The monthly motivational workshops with Julie, the owner of Camp Rhino, will dive deeper into wellness training and include Top-Shelf content only available to the Total Happiness Transformation Community. Round-table discussions and life-changing epiphanies will be a monthly norm. (Only available to the 16 Week Community, $15)
Monthly Fit3D Scans
Monthly Nutrition Meetings
Unlimited Access to Camp Rhino, Rhino CrossFit, and Boot Camp Las Vegas
Graduating the 16 Week Mind, Body, and Happiness Total Transformation Program allows you to become a paid mentor for the 12 Week Change Your Life System Community members.
What is after the 16 Week Mind, Body and Happiness Total Transformation Graduation?

This is the best part. After you graduate the 16 Week Program, you will enter the highest calling of all. You will be paid to become a mentor for the 12 Week Change My Life System Community Members. The secret to happiness is loving yourself and sharing that love with others. Can you imagine yourself getting paid to help people graduate the program that helped you find happiness?

I can’t wait to meet you at the 6 Week Challenge orientation. Please bring family and friends to listen, even if they are not registered.