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Active Shooter Response Seminar 50EA 100 per Family

Cape Gun Works
Event organized by Cape Gun Works

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Rob Pincus
April 4 at 11:16am ·
One of the reasons I was asked to speak about Active Shooter issues today is that I have a long and diverse background in regard to the topic. I’ve been involved from the LE side since before Columbine “changed everything”. I was a full time officer during those days when it became apparent that the “form a perimeter and wait for the SWAT guys” policies needed to go away. I participated in and was involved in the development of the training teaching programs for 1, 2, 3 and 4 Patrol Officer ASR Plans. I’ve been through and taught various special teams schools covering the topic and related skill sets and spent time on both a single agency SRT and a multi-jurisdictional Crisis Negotiations Team training for these types of incidents. In the private sector, I’ve consulted or trained various corporate security teams ranging from the gate guards without guns that watch parking lots all the way up to well funded, trained and equipped teams that secure multiple locations, large corporate campuses and travel worldwide with executives. In the wake of Sandy Hook, I.C.E. Training Company took a leadership role in the private sector, launching the SARC Program and offering free training to schools and school staff around the country in basic ASR and we certified scores of instructors nationwide to teach those seminars. We’ve also distributed thousands of ASR DVDs to school faculty over the past 5 years (still available at www.icestore.us for the cost of shipping...). During the past few years Aaron Jannetti, SARC Instructor, Defensive Firearms Coach and a co-owner with me at Endeavor Defense & Fitness has taken ASR Education as his personal focus and taught an evolved program that emphasizes the physical response options that unarmed people have during these incidents as well as preparation for the medical aftermath. He’s traveled the nation teaching and learning as much as he can on the topic and he’s increased my knowledge as well. I’m proud to have contributed to the firearms related portion of his recently published book on this topic. Along the way, I’ve done many radio and TV spots on both the tactics and the politics of ASR and how it plays into the gun debate in America.
I’ve long ago lost count of the number of classes and media interviews I’ve done on this topic, but in revisiting some of them over the past few days, I’ve definitely seen an evolution in my own thinking on the topic.
The video posted below is what I believe to be the first time I addressed ASR in a training DVD or other published work. It is from over a decade ago, when most of the classes I was teaching were still for Armed Professionals in LE or Military Roles. This short clip was really just an afterthought to a Defensive Long Guns DVD... in it you will hear hints of the things I say much more emphatically today. Get training. Don’t try to be a hero. With rights come responsibilities. The message I offered was aimed at people like the guy in Texas who interjected himself into the immediate aftermath of the Church Shooting last year without any plan or specific preparation. His mags weren’t even loaded, he let his daughter leave the house and expose herself to what he already believed to be a dangerous situation and he forgot his shoes. He fired at a moving vehicle and basically car-jacked someone. He acted in recklessly and got very lucky. Twelve Years later, I’ve spent enough time researching, teaching, learning, training and thinking more about defensive shooting and ASR in the private sector to not sugar coat that quite as much as I did in this video clip. A huge part of the developmental process for me, and therefore our programs, is working with a wide variety of students that need a variety of solutions to similar problems... all based on the same foundational principles.
At that time, I didn’t understand the difference between a “sheepdog” and a Wise Ram that is tough and willing to defend himself when necessary but not so emboldened that he goes looking for a fight. Don’t be the dog that goes bolting across the yard every time a squirrel runs by and eventually gets run over by a truck.
Get educated, be prepared, be appropriately/legally equipped. Be #everydayready to #protectwhatyoulove when you need to. #evade #barricade #respond #asr #runhidefight #icetraining #sarc