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Star Wars Legion Launch Sessions


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We have three weeks of launch activities for Star Wars Legion. These sessions are intended to get a community of players for the game established and to spend some time getting everybody familiar with the rules and ready to get into some regular events at the shop. These sessions are totally free to take part.

Over these three weeks you can take part in a number of pre-determined scenarios during which you can accrue both points for yourself, and help determine whether Heroes will be considered either a Rebel or an Imperial location. Each of the scenarios are detailed below.

This is intended to be your first experience with the game. Find an opponent and together you will play the learning battle from the Star Wars Legion rulebook (pages 6-7). The first time you take part in a Build & Play Session you will receive a Quick-Reference Rules Sheet (whilst stocks last).

Players learn the strengths and weaknesses of various units over a pair of Challenge Duels. Each duel pits a pair of specifically defined forces against each other. The armies are as follows

Luke Skywalker with Force Reflexes, 6 Rebel Troopers with Z-6 Rotary Blaster (Command Cards: Son of Skywalker, My Ally is the Force, Return of the Jedi) versus Darth Vader with Saber Throw, 6 Stormtroopers with DLT-19 Heavy Blaster (Command Cards: Implacable, New Ways To Motivate Them, Master of Evil)

T-47 Airspeeder with Harpoon Gun, 6 Rebel Troopers with Ion Torpedo (Command Cards: Ambush, Push, Assault) versus AT-ST with Grenade Launcher, 6 Stormtroopers with Rocket Launcher (Command Cards: Ambush, Push, Assault)

These games are played on a 3x3 playing space and run only three rounds. During these games you score 1 victory point for each enemy trooper defeated, 2 points for each wound dealt to enemy commander or vehicle. Players receive a Challenge Duel Participant art card for completing their first challenge duel. Your score for your first play of each army should be recorded.

On our final event of these launch sessions (Thursday April 5th) we will be holding a painting contest. You may submit one figure into each of the following categories: Best Commander, Best Corp, Best Heavy, Best Support). A private voting system will allow all players to vote for their favourite in each category with the winners to be determined at 9:30pm. There is a contest certificate for the winner of each category.

After the painting contest the points for all of the launch activities will be added up to determine which faction controls the store. Points are given out as follows

- 1 point for the faction with the most Build & Play wins
- 1 point for the faction with the most total points recorded for the Luke vs Darth challenge duel
- 1 point for the faction with the most total points recorded for the Airspeeder vs AT-ST challenge duel
- 1 point for the faction that wins each of the four painting categories