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Dinner & Brainstorming for NIH Grant


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BCMC does listening tours around our city because we care about helping the community find ITS OWN solutions to reduce violence - especially by addressing the root causes of violence, like a lack of beautiful and safe places for youth to play, the prevalence of drugs, housing inequity, or people feeling insecure in their homes. These are some of the things that we heard during the listening tours. We also know that a lot of those root causes have links to historical and ongoing racism and discrimination.

We think it is a VERY interesting move by NIH to try to address youth violence and racism TOGETHER with some SERIOUS multi-year dollars, but we need YOUR help in figuring out the best way to address it. This grant is specifically for REDUCING racism and discrimination - NOT FOR HELPING PEOPLE SUCCEED IN SPITE OF IT. We want to know: What would that look like IN YOUR community and FOR YOUR community? How do you see racism manifest itself in the community - either by individuals or in structural elements? How are people in your community, especially youth, discriminated against? What could change that? Do you see discrimination against youth in ways that combine racism with discrimination on other grounds LIKE class discrimination, sexism, homophobia, etc.? Is the government - city, state, national part of the problem? Could it be part of the solution?

We want to invite you to have a wide-ranging discussion over dinner with us to start addressing these questions, because we really want to know what you would work on to reduce violence and racism - WE ALL LIVE AND WORK HERE and we think this is an opportunity to help put some REAL resources behind solutions YOU think will work. PARTNER WITH US ON THIS GRANT!!!!

If you or your organization would like to #beapartofthechange, comment "Invite me!" and we'll include you in the dinner/brainstorming session!