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Honoring Touch Retreat 2018

Embody Healing, LLC
Event organized by Embody Healing, LLC

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This event page is mostly to provide reference for participants of this year's Honoring Touch retreat. If you would like the information packet or details on participation, please email embodyhealing@gmail.com directly.


You’re encouraged to arrive anytime after noon on Friday to settle in, explore the area and become comfortable in the space.
Fellowship: Potluck Dinner, 5-6pm Cabin 15 Kitchen and Dining Room
The purpose of dinner in the cabin is to meet one another and begin to become acquainted. We will provide vegan chili (halal beef on the side for our omnivores) and apple cake. Participants are encouraged to bring (or prepare onsite) a dish to share.
Fellowship: Introductions and Intentions, 6-7pm Cabin 15 Family Room
Facilitators will introduce themselves formally and state their intentions for the time we spend together. The agenda and need-to-knows will also be covered during this meeting. Participants are welcome to state their intentions for the weekend and ask any housekeeping questions they may have.

Presentation: Trauma and Ancestral Work, 7-8pm, Cabin 15 Family Room
What role does ancestral energy have in our daily life? How is trauma passed through ancestral lineages? How can we connect to and assist in healing the ancestors
and thus ourselves? What’s the difference between the dead and the ancestors? This presentation will look at some of the science behind ancestral healing as well as provide examples of how some people do ancestral healing.

Ritual: Altar Building and Ancestral Healing Exercise 8-10pm, Cabin 15 Family Room
We will build a community altar for ancestral healing which will accompany us through our ceremonies this week as a witness to our efforts and experiences. The origins of the type of altar will be explained, as well as the metaphysical principals behind it’s working and how to build a personal one at home. Participants are welcome to bring any item from deceased members of their spiritual or blood family for the altar. Participants are also invited to bring a stick or small staff for placing on the altar to take their experience home with them (24” or smaller, please).


Saturday’s two morning presentations are deliberately designed to flow into one another. Therefore, content boundaries may not be clear during actual execution, but the presentations are listed here as individual so content and intentions can be communicated more clearly.

Presentation: The Sacred Feminine, 10am-11, Cabin 15 Family Room
This weekend’s content is inspired by traditions of the sacred feminine from Ireland, Britain, the Balkans, and parts of mainland Europe. This interactive discussion, visual presentation, and materials sharing is meant as a personal introduction to these concepts and draws from these traditions as well as Celtic Christianity.

Presentation: Anatomy, Physiology and Energy, 11am-Noon, Cabin 15 Family Room
This presentation offers information and understanding of the physical organs generally considered female as concerns structure, function and energetic patterns. The purpose is to help participants get to know their own bodies better as well as understand how to find ‘feel good spots’ on their own or with a partner. This is a useful portion of material for self-development, improving self-care and sexual pleasure on one’s own or with a partner or partners, and for understanding how to honor the psychology and energetics manifested through the female organs. This presentation is a free gift from the presenters, is not included in the cost of the event, and is for educational purposes only.

Break: Lunch, Noon-1:30pm, On your own

Ritual: Setting Sacred Space, 1:30-2pm, Cabin 15 Family Room
Our ceremony will be anchored by a central altar. This portion will be building that sacred space, explaining each part of the altar, and honoring the spiritual support systems we have while welcoming them into the space. The purpose is to provide a sacred space which participants can set aside from the rest of the retreat as well as to provide spiritual connections and support. Participants are invited to bring a small item (please keep it to the size of something that can fit on your palm) as an offering or as an altar piece to honor spiritual forces they have a supportive relationship with.

Presentation: Offering Honoring Touch and Consent, 2-3pm, Cabin 15 Family Room
This is a required presentation for those partaking in the honoring touch ceremony. It will cover the steps in the ceremony we’re about to perform as well as provide a thorough discussion on consent and supporting trauma survivors.

Break: 3-3:15pm

Ritual: Connection Ritual and Honoring Touch Ceremony, 3:15-5:30pm, Cabin 15 Family Room
The highlight of the retreat! Our ceremony begins with a brief connection ritual to help open our hearts to one another and focus our attention on our partner, followed by our highlighted ceremony of Offering Honoring Touch.

Break: 5:30-6

Fellowship: Debriefing and Closing Space, 6-7pm, Cabin 15 Family Room
This portion is provided to allow participants to process their experiences while receiving the support of the community built over the weekend. As energetic entanglement is to be expected with such an intimate experience, our space is closed with a disconnection of the energetic bonds made during the ceremony and a grounding ritual.
Fellowship: Bardic Circle (weather permitting), 8-10pm, Yard of Cabin 15
This is a completely optional circle just for fun. Bring a poem, story, song, instrument, or anything else you’d like to share! A fire will be provided in the backyard of the cabin (weather permitting) and we’ll have some time chatting and rejoicing in the glow of our day.


Presentation: Taking it Home, 11am-Noon
Sure, you’ve had a fantastic weekend, but now we all have to go back to the mundane world. How can you continue the energy of the weekend and continue to make strides with this sort of self-growth and personal healing out there? This presentation will introduce you to practices that can support you in the mundane world, as well as provide you with community resources. Gifts have been prepared for participants from your facilitators and will be distributed at this presentation!

Ritual and Fellowship: Closing Ceremony and Celebration, Noon-Whenever, Cabin 15 Family Room
In closing, we will deconstruct the central and ancestral altars and build a ritual healing fire in which participants can offer their residual energy from the weekend. A light hearted celebratory circle will follow as the energy dissipates and folks returning home on Sunday begin to leave. Again, feel free to bring your jokes, stories, poems, songs, and instruments or other offerings for joyful fellowship.