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Performing Hypnosis - Workshop


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Over 12 years ago I watched a programme called “Pay Your Mortgage Off in 2 Years” which featured a Hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner from my hometown in Coventry in the UK.

Watching Sean Casey-Poole (AKA Comedy Hypnotist “Mickey Take”) run his weight loss seminars, help people overcome phobias and help people quit smoking was the final pull I needed after having studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in my role as a Manager for BT to take the leap and start my own business.

A couple of years later I decided to contact him and ask for some help and advice as we lived near to each other, but Sean was busy at the time with contracts for various Travel and Booking Agents flying him all over the world to perform Hypnosis.

Eventually we did hook up (Sean would say after my relentless stalking! LOL) and we sat down to share some ideas, however this was only after Sean “Mystery Shopped” me by attending my NLP/Hypnosis Practise Group to see if I could “walk the walk”, thankfully he was impressed.

I was shocked to find that he had made a decision never to train people as he was embarrassed by what was being offered in the industry and didn’t want to be connected with it. After seeing him on television a few times as an advisor to certain programmes too I thought this was a tremendous shame.

Now I have a massive background in training from my 12 years plus working in different management roles for BT (all the way up to National Project Manager), so after a few more meetings (more relentless stalking! LOL) I got him to agree to at least look at the possibility of him sharing his experience and skills.

Sean insisted I went on the road with him to see him perform live.

At the first show (Warwick University) I had flu but asked if I could maybe do some convincers to feel part of the show. After doing this Sean asked me if I’d like to perform the show with him, so I said yes.

“Okay, what’s the plan, who’s doing what?” I asked.

“No plan, we’ll just play it by ear” he replied much to my dismay as I felt an adrenaline surge.

Sean introduced us and then handed over to me so I began with some suggestibility tests. Whilst I was doing this he was pulling people out of the crowd and getting them to look in the air, shouting “SLEEP!” and there were sleeping bodies lying all across the stage. I was impressed to say the least.

We’ve performed several more shows (again not scripted) since, I’ve shared my model of “Transactional Hypnosis” and he’s shared a lot of the secrets he’s learned and kept to himself for over 2 decades. The experience has been priceless for me as I run tight shows but Sean just throws the rulebook out of the window and still gets amazing results.

I am excited to announce that on Sunday 29th April 2018, Sean and I will be running a workshop called “Performing Hypnosis” in Coventry. We will be teaching people how to perform Hypnosis in a variety of ways and environments; Street, Party, Impromptu and Stage…but places will be limited.

You can secure your place at the “Early Bird” price of £147 here now (this will rise to £197 at midnight on Sunday 15th April 2011), by clicking the link below, if you cannot see the button and want to book, please email us at info@wsoh.co.uk. If you get the response “Full” it means all of the places are taken, early booking is recommended as places are likely to fill quickly.

Go here to book - www.wsoh.co.uk/workshops

The course is entitled “Performing Hypnosis” because we both believe that Hypnosis should be a performance that is gauged by the response from the audience, often you will find clumsy, rude or boring Hypnotists because they haven’t been trained properly.

Now in order for me to persuade Sean to teach this for the first time, I had to agree to a few things, he said to me “It has to be right or I’m not going to do it at all!”

So we’ve crammed two days of learning into one as Sean wanted people to not only save the cost of a Hotel but also get fantastic value for money. Plus we’ve worked hard to cover the most important things you’ll need to know, things that most people don’t teach, plus our secret techniques that allow us to get such great responses from subjects. We’ll be covering:

Health & Safety and Abreactions

The Law & 1952 Stage Hypnosis Act plus loopholes

Street, Private Party and Stage Hypnosis

How to spot good and bad subjects

How to organise events and get bookings

What NOT to do!

Convincers and Suggestibility tests

Mind Magic routines

Graded/Permissive inductions

Rapid inductions

“Structured” vs “Brass Balls” approach

Going through the gears

Stage Hypnosis

Selecting volunteers/subjects

Skits and sketches


Music and lighting

Different venues

Equity and insurance

Plus lots more!

*This course will also count towards your continuing professional development (CPD) as it is being run by the GHSC accredited training school the “Warwickshire School of Hypnotherapy” and all attendees will get a certificate of attendance.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, here are some testimonials from the work Sean has done previously for you to read before you book.

“Both Tim and the crew enjoyed the hypnotising experience and we are sure it has helped the fantastic progression Tim has made to become healthier, happier and to live longer”

Chloe Jones, Maverick Television

“I had secretly visited Sean aka Mickey Take performing his Hypnotist Show at Bourne Leisures, Hopton Holiday Village and was extremely impressed with what I saw so when I needed a Headlining Act for our Pier I never hesitated in booking Sean. He did us proud and was the best Hypnotist we have ever had. We wanted to book him for the next Summer but he had already been snapped up to work abroad.”

Director Family Amusements Ltd (who own Britannia Pier Great Yarmouth)

"I first met Sean whilst filming for a BBC documentary and was so impressed with his approach in tackling real life issues including addictions, phobias and anxieties that I approached him to be a Consultant Hypnotherapist on a newly commissioned television series 'How to Live Longer'. His straightforward no nonsense approach have impressive results!"

Ruth Wood series producer of BBC's "How To Live Longer"

You can read testimonies from my courses by clicking the "Testimonials" tab.

We are both looking forward to teaching you some great skills!

Kind regards,

Nick & Sean

Go here to book - www.wsoh.co.uk/workshops

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