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Friday 13th tattoos

Crown Electric Tattoo Co
Event organized by Crown Electric Tattoo Co

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It's FRIDAY 13th!!

Come be a part of the Vegas tradition and get your unlucky Friday 13th tattoo with us at Crown Electric Tattoo
We do this EVERY Friday 13th. $20 tattoos and 1/2 price on all piercings for event days.

We apologize for this looooong event description but we want to be sure everyone is super clear on what to expect on event day. So here it is :)

'unlucky $13 tattoos plus a $7 tip for luck' is just a fun way of saying your tattoo costs $20.
It's still HIP TO TIP!
We will do your tattoo for $20 no matter if you tip extra or not but it sure is appreciated to be tipped for a $20 tattoo.

Tattoos will be done EXACTLY how they are shown on the sheets. IF you plan to ask for a color change, be prepared to tip your artist a min of $10 for that. If you are planning to ask for a placement that is questionable I'd also maybe plan to tip your artist for that if he says yes.
It is 100% up to the artists if they will agree to color changes or placements outside of our limits. Ask when it's your turn in the chair. DO NOT ask the counter helpers. They can't answer for the artists. Ask when it's your turn. Plan that they may say no and have a back up placement planned or plan for the way you saw the tattoo colored on our sheets. They may say yes and they may say no. UP to them. Ask in person.
We don't do add ons of any kind at events though. Color changes or color ins, are a common question the artists get but we don't add on extra tattoos like names or dates or anything else during the events.

MUST BE 18 to attend. Sorry, no exceptions. No one under 18 is allowed in the shop during events. Not even in a stroller. If you have children with you when you show up we will not allow you to sign in. Sorry.
We hate to be so strict about this but we have to be. Any other day we are a family friendly shop. On event days, it's just not fair to expect your artists to tattoo through crying babies or little kids running around the shop. It's just way to hard for small children to wait patiently and quietly so we don't allow them on event days. Older kids and teens may be able to wait patiently but our lobby and seating are needed for paying clients. For that reason we do not allow any one under 18.
NO, your parent can not sign for you at an event. MUST BE 18.
Not even if you're 17 and will be 18 in a week.
Sorry. No one under 18 :/

Here's how this works:
We draw design sheets to choose from for the $20 event deal. We post our sheets here for you to see PRIOR to the event unlike other shops, who want you to show up just to see what's being offered. Yeah, we hate that too. So we post ours ahead of time.
Tattoos are $20 each and all piercings will be half price for this event. There will be placement limits for tattoos. We don't post those until we see all the designs that are drawn up. Follow for that info. There will be a limit on how many tattoos as well. We'll post that once we see all the sheets. Maybe 1 , maybe 2.
There is NO LIMIT for how many piercings you can get at an event though so come down and make that half price deal work for you :)

We open the doors at 10am and we tattoo and pierce ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT until 2am. It's a one day event. Technically the event ends on Saturday the 14th because the event is still going after midnight but we will not be doing the event on Saturday. 1 day only. Friday the 13th.

There is no best time to tell you to show up . We take walk ins throughout the entire event. NO appointments on event days. No tattoos other than the ones we post will be done during an event. just follow here for updates on the sheets we post.

When you get here you'll see our design sheets at our front counter. Once you have your design picked out we have you fill out a standard tattoo release form. There is a NUMBER on the BOTTOM of that sheet. REMEMBER YOUR NUMBER. That's how we keep track of who's next in line.
Tattoos are $20 each and you pay UPFRONT to hold your place in line.
We DO NOT REFUND for any reason.
If you feel the line is too long, please don't sign in and pay. We don't refund just because you have been waiting a long time and want to leave. Sorry. Don't sign in if you don't want to wait.
We don't refund if you have to leave for work.
We don't refund if your babysitter is leaving your kids at home alone. We do not refund to catch a plane. We do not refund to catch a train. We do not refund here or there. We DO NOT refund anywhere. NO REFUNDS!

This is a lot like going to a haunted house during Halloween. You pay ahead and wait in that 'long line' until it's your turn. NO refunds. Only our "long line" is a HUGE lobby with cool people, good music, and plenty of seating.
No doubt you'll make some new friends while you wait. We happen to have THE BEST clientele and shop friends in all of Vegas ;) Love you guys<3
So hang out and listen for your number to be called. Wait times vary and can be anywhere from an hour to 3 or more hours. Just depends how many people got here before you.

We update THIS event page with what numbers we are calling next so be sure you FOLLOW to see if your number is getting close. Please understand that we do this as a courtesy only. It is NOT up to us to post your number so you know it's your turn. It's up to YOU to be here in the shop when your number is called. We do not refund if you miss your turn and we do not put you back in line if you miss your turn.
Now, that being said...it's perfectly fine for you to come, pick your design, pay in and leave. As long as you are back here, physically in the shop, when your name and number are called we don't mind if you leave. Go run an errand. Go grab some food. Just be here when it's your turn. You should also know that we don't answer the phone on event days. We're all busy with tattoos and piercings. Please don't call and ask if your number is close. Follow the page for that.

We always have a blast on event days. We're super excited to see our regulars and meet all of you who are new to our shop :)

We LOVE requests. If you have a favorite artist that you want to request, just write REQUEST and his name at the BOTTOM of your sign in sheet so we know who to put you with.
All artists will do any design from ANY sheet no matter who drew the page. If you don't have a favorite artist that's fine. We'll put you with the next available artist and then you'll have a favorite to request for next time :) OR get tattooed by all of us eventually. We have 6 tattooers here at Crown Electric.
Vegas Greg, Lex Tats, Lee Jack, Wes, Ryan. and Peewee. We'll also have 2 piercers for this event. Myself (Leyla) and Cher.

Same rules apply for signing for piercings. The wait times vary but piercings usually go faster than the tattoo line. NO limit on how many piercings you can get on event day. The current record is 9 piercings in one day for one of our events :)

YES, you can sign in for both tattoos and piercings. There are 2 separate forms with 2 different sets of numbers. Just ask the counter helpers for a sign in sheet for both. If you are getting tattooed when we call you for piercings, don't worry. We won't skip you. When you finish your tattoo you will be next. If you are getting pierced when we call you for tattoos, don't worry. We don't skip you. You will still be next as soon as you are done.

I'm pretty sure we've covered everything. Again, we'll update with placement limits once all the sheets are in.

If you have a question please just leave a comment. We answer every single comment and question that gets posted.

Looking forward to FRIDAY 13th!!!!!