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Warhammer 40K League Session 4

Dragon's Lair
Event organized by Dragon's Lair

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The Dragon’s Lair
220 N Colony Street
Suite C
Wallingford, CT 06492

Warhammer league
February 2nd to March 30th

Entry $25

This league will be using the Independent Tournament Circuit (ITC) Rules. This is in regards to army composition, terrain guidelines, deployment, first turn, game length, and victory conditions.

Army list must be submitted to the front desk before the first match of a session. Players may not switch armies during a league session nor can they change any characteristic of their list. Before a new session begins player can switch out their armies or make changes to their current list before submitting a new list. These list will be collected and publicly accessible to league players at any time.

There will be 4 league sessions and they are as follows.

Session 1: February 16th to March 1st

Session 2: March 2nd to March 15th

Session 3: March 16th to March 29th

Session 4: March 30th to April 13th

Army Composition Guidelines:
Per the matched play rules, armies must be battle-forged and you cannot create an army list containing more than a total of three of the detachments listed in the main rulebook on Pg.242-245.
All current Games Workshop & Forgeworld 8th edition Warhammer 40,000 source material may be used to build your Battle-forged army. Chapter Approved 2017 Edition is in effect for ITC standard events.

Terrain Guidelines:
In ITC events using any missions, the following modification to Ruins type terrain should be used: Ruins: For this event, the bottom level walls of all ruins are considered to block LoS even if they do not actually do so. This means existing openings in them such as those created by windows, doors, bullet holes, etc. block LoS. This rule does not mean the players create walls where none existed. If in doubt as to where to define these barriers, clarify with your opponent before the game begins.

Both players roll off (re-rolling ties), and the winner determines a random deployment map (BRB 216-217) and gets to choose their deployment zone, and their opponent uses the opposite zone. After deployment zones are set, the player who did not choose their deployment zone deploys their first unit in their deployment zone. Players alternate deploying units one at a time in their deployment zones until both armies are fully deployed.

First Turn:
When both players finish deploying, they roll off. The player that finished deploying first gains a +1 to this roll. The winner of this roll gets to choose if they will go first or second. If the winner of this roll off decides to go first, the other player may attempt to seize the initiative, and on a roll of a 6+ they go first instead.

Game Length:
At the end of round 5, the player who went first rolls a D6. On a roll of 3+ the game continues. On turn six, the player who went second rolls a D6, and the game continues on a 4+. The game ends automatically at the end of turn 7.

Victory Conditions:
The player who has at least 10 or more victory points than their opponent at the end of the game is the winner.

The game is a major win/loss if one player has double or more victory points than their opponent.

The game is a minor win/loss if the winner’s total victory points total is less than double the lower player’s victory point total, but is at least

The game is a tie if both players are within 9 victory points of each other.

No Quarter Given: At the end of the game, players earn victory points equal to the power level of each enemy unit that is completely destroyed.

Slay the Warlord: If the enemy Warlord has been slain during the battle, you score 10 victory points.

First Blood: The first unit, of any kind, to be destroyed during the battle is worth 10 victory points to the player it doesn’t belong to. If units from both players’ armies are killed or removed from play simultaneously, then both players get 10 victory points.

Linebreaker: When the game ends, if you have at least one model fully (meaning it’s base, or the entire model if it has no base) within the enemy’s deployment zone, you score 10 victory points for this objective

League scoring:
Players may play any number of matches using the guidelines above during a session.

A players highest victory point total and win/loss type for each session will be recorded and then following league modifier will be added.

Major victory +2
Minor victory +1
Major loss -2
Minor loss -1

Tie +/- 0

With each entrant the prize pool with grow by $30. All prizes will be given out in store credit. This will then be distributed at the end of the league as follows.

12 players or less
1st place: 40% of prize pool
2nd place: 30% of prize pool
3rd place: 15% of prize pool
4th place: 15% of prize pool

13-18 players
1st place: 30% of prize pool
2nd place: 22% of prize pool
3rd place: 12% of prize pool
4th place: 12% of prize pool
5th place: 12% of prize pool
6th place: 12% of prize pool