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Prana • Movement • Meditation

Eka Earth Yoga Ashtanga Hatha
Event organized by Eka Earth Yoga Ashtanga Hatha

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The idea of creating a pranic energy flow sequence first came to me intuitively through years of personal practice. At the same time, I became inspired by many great teachers from various ancient traditions such as Buddhism, Tibetan and Vedic and modern gurus such as Osho . Under Dr Omanand (Guruji’s) guidance I learned the essential and fundamental aspects of the wonderful and deep philosophy of kundalini yoga , chidshakti prakriya and being blissful meditation. My personal practice combined with teaching experience and growing knowledge of ancient yogic systems coupled with a profound interest and passion to help others on the yoga path were certainly the key drivers for creating this particular practice and a place for all to come together to experience a deep level of consciousness awakening and transformation.

Through teaching experience over many years, I have come to realise that the majority of us, if not all, are seeking that one thing; We all seek profound experiences that have potential to connect us with the highest and most ultimate source of life and consciousness, which we are all part of. We are all part of a big web of consciousness, some of us are well and truly on the path, while others are contemplating the means to get there, often forgetting that we need not to be anywhere other than within ourselves to experience bliss. I have also observed that people seek compassionate teachers who can truly inspire and guide their students on the path of realising their true essence beyond the superficial praise and competition-driven institutions.

Stemming from personal beliefs and attuning to my inner intuition and wisdom, I have decided to create this sequence of practice that others can easily follow. It is a blend of movement , breathwork , trance music , mudras and soft but dynamic yoga poses. It combines dual elements of yin and yang , flow and no flow, movement and stillness , heavy and gentle breathing, expansion and contraction of body , mind and breath.

I call it Prana Movement Meditation.

What do these sessions involve?
Prana Movement Meditation classes are based on an active flow through postures and asanas that uniquely blend together a creatively-designed sequence of movement, breathwork, meditation, chanting of the divine sound and mudras.

Prana can be compared to a river; we all have prana as we are all alive. However, at times prana can get murky if we remain stagnant and as a result we accumulate emotional, physical and mental toxins, often do not dissolve alone, until and unless we flush them out of our inner and outer systems. In Sanskrit they are called Mantra, Yantra and Tantra. Elimination of negativity and stagnation will make us feel renewed and rejuvenated and most importantly open pathways to journeying into the Self and experiencing a state of oneness and universal harmony. The yogic method is to move and allow the body to perspire to detoxify with a focus on yogic breathing to bring the mind to One-pointedness state and stilling the mind, the ultimate purpose being self-realisation and freedom from sorrow.

Sounds complex? Not really. Not if you let your heart guide. And with my guidance, you will move with this set sequence (a ritual if you like) of well thought of movements that work around our 7 chakras. Each time the sequence of movement is the same, allowing you the opportunity to memorise it, the meditation differs depending on the lunar/solar cycle. Benefits of repetition is you will become familiar with the sequence hence enabling your flow with external eyes closed so you can tune into your inner flow. Each experience will take you higher and deeper and no experience will be the same. As Heraclitus famously said: “No man ever steps in the same water twice”.

What areas do these sessions focus on?
1- Channelling prana and breath with emphasis on maintaining a continuous stream of Meditation in motion.
2- Generating movement in the body for improved circulation, flexibility in the joints and removal of stagnation.
3- Centring the mind and cultivating inner stillness though conscious movement
4- Stimulating the 7 chakras to bring us to a state of unification and inner balance
5- Cultivating a meaningful and conscious inner and outer relationship with the Self through sound, breath, mantra and movement, ultimately leading us to a state of Ananda (bliss).

What are the main elements that comprise these sessions?
1- Chanting sound of consciousness to balance and centre
2- Trance music for creating a rhythm
3- Breathwork to channel the pranic flow that targets each of our 7 chakras
4- Asanas, poses and postures for flexibility and removal of stagnation
5- Mudras (hand gestures) to invoke a unique flow of prana and enter a state of deep meditation
6- Meditation for deep relaxation

Finally... you might ask is this session for me?
Yes it is for everyone who wants to experience deep meditation and even trance.

Investment : $28 (please prepay for booking confirmation)

Please note these sessions are run fortnightly or monthly on Saturday evenings. The intention was to run these sessions as weather begins to get cooler just in time when our energy levels begin to decline. These sessions will offer you a unique way to cultivate more energy, inner power, concentration and meditation, detoxify, and balance.

Namaste, love and divine light to you all ❤